Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Hawla Indoor Stadium

The last time I was inside the stadium, it was not yet complete and had not yet been named Hawla Stadium and was called Pitar te tlang stadium, now it has been named after CM of Mizoram Lalthanhawla. Below are photos taken in 2011 and now recent photos from 2018 Mizoram Super League games.

Pitar te tlang Indoor Stadium maybe the biggest Indoor stadium in Mizoram once completed, some photos of the Indoor stadium under construction.

1. Overfiew of the stadium

Rajiv Gandhi Stadium

Mualpui stadium has now been renamed Rajiv Gandhi Stadium after completion and remains the home ground for Mizoram Team as well as Aizawl FC. Below are some photos after 7 years of visit in 2018  to the stadium. The last time I visited in 2011 it was under construction and yes the children in the photo have also grown up now.

Mualpui stadium aka Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Mualpui, Aizawl, Mizoram. Some data about the stadium undergoing construction from misual.com

  • Site area: 15.56 acres
  • Stadium coverage – 28440.47 sq.m.
  • Capacity: 20 000
  • Facilities:
  • 105x68m football pitch ( FIFA recomended size, tunlai stadium a hman ber, eg. Wembly, ManCity etc.)
  • IAAF 400m synthetic track
  • Team Rooms – 4 nos.
  • VIP lounge
  • Offices for various State sports bodies
  • Conference rooms – 2 nos.
  • Dormitories – 3 nos. ( 68 beds)
  • Kitchen and services
  • Media Center
  • Medical room
  • Concession stands ( Thil zawrhna)
  • Parking (Approx. 600 cars)

1. Over view of the Mualpui Stadium area

Monday, December 3, 2018

Another Mizoram University Visit

This is my 2nd tour of Mizoram University campus, earlier post can be seen here - Mizoram University Campus Photo Tour

I would like to update on my comments that I had made earlier.

Positive initatives undertaken by MZU.

1.     Student/ faculty exchange had been started, some of the Faculty / Students have gone to USA, Japan. They could encourage more of that, specially top universities.
2.     New Departments have been started, including Civil Engineering, much needed in Mizoram. Medical Education has also been started, sadly only affiliated to MZU but not under MZU. If a Medical College had been started under MZU, with it’s resources from center, it would have been better.
3.     Vocational training center has been opened which will provide opportunities for the youth.
4.     Incubation center – great initiative, providing support to graduates of the university in Entrepreneurship and start up with technical and financial support.

Areas where it can improve.

1.     The university still does not have the following departments:
a.     Legal College – There is a legal college but no post graduate center for legal studies in Mizoram.
b.    Dental College – There is no dental College in the state.
c.     Hotel Management – has better employment prospects than most of the subject in the university, it should be started and encouraged.
d.    Fashion designing – the Mizo youth have an interest and flair for designing but still no fashion technology department. Many youth have degrees in fashion technology, it could also help in providing youth employment.
e.     No department of Pharma either, but affiliation is there.
2.     Software Technology park – There was some talk of Software technology park but nothing of that sort in my campus visit.

3.     I had earlier remarked the Tribal arts centre near AICS for sports department of Mizoram, they use it sometimes but sadly MZU does not have it’s own football ground or swimming pool. They could work on that.

Mizoram Assembly Elections 2018 With Statistics on the Candidates

I had earlier blogged about Mizoram Assembly Elections 2008 and MizoramAssembly Elections 2013. This will be a continuation of the same. The Upcoming Elections have been completed. Kindly note the links will be updated as parties announce their candidates and comments are personal opinions based on Public feedback from Facebook, Internet and Interaction from people within the community.

Some Statistics on MLA Candidates in Mizoram: I have done a bit of statistical survey on the MLA candidates, I have included only  Congress Party, MNF, BJP  and ZPM.  and MDA (MNF+MDF+MPC Alliance) and excluded other parties like NCP, NPP and PRISM .
Some of the highlights:
Mizoram Election - Some statistics
Average age of candidates
No of Candidates
Asset (In Crores)
Post Graduate

·                     Age: The Average age of the candidates is 54.35 years, in 2013 it wa 53.4, it has increased a bit. In 2008, Congress had the youngest average age of candidates, in 2013 ZNP and now in 2018 MNF has the youngest candidates.
·                     Wealth : In terms of asset, taken as an average, the MNF party has the richest candidates followed by Congress, ZPM and BJP Party. In 2013 Congress had the highest average richest candidates.

·                     Education:  100% of the candidates are literate, 26% undergraduate, 45% graduate, 22% post graduate and 7% of the candidates with doctorate. MNF has the best qualified candidates with 13 candidates post graduate and above, Congress 12 , ZPM 10 and BJP with 9 only.

I will not get into Manifesto in this blog as each party has given their manifesto on youtube itself. Bust just a small review on performance of the Congress party and what needs to be done by the incoming party which will govern the state.

I will not get into Manifesto in this blog as each party has given their manifesto on youtube itself. Bust just a small review on performance of the Congress party and what needs to be done by the incoming party which will govern the state.

1. Hydel Projects: Tuirial hydel project has been completed, well done congress party but then Mizoram is not truly sufficient. There are now plans for Tuirini Hydel Project. Kolodyne and Tuivai projects which were much hyped about seems to have died down. 

2. Medical College- Again, another achievement, somehow Medical College has been completed, this is expected to have an impact to the state government not only with addition of new Doctors every year but also reduce state expenditure on Medical reimbursement for patients going to Vellore, Mumbai , Delhi etc.

3. Sports - Major Progress has been made, Artificial turf in Lawngtlai, Champhai, Kolasib, Serchhip besides Aizawl and New Indoor stadiums in Aizawl and Lunglei. Encouraging sports helps the young to stay away from Drugs, alcohol but the same department could have laid more emphasis on skill development, specially for the rural youth who are untrained, exploited and working in big cities of  India.

4. NLUP - Basically, most of the programs are State department initiatives with Badge of NLUP. The Government has taken some initiative in getting investments in Mizoram through the scheme Magnetic Mizoram but it has not had much impact. Big investments from corporates in cold storage, agriculture, tourism would help in providing employment to the youth. Sadly none of the political parties have any plan of corporate investment in the state.

5. Education-  Law college has it's own building now, Horticulture college has come up in Thenzawl. Some of the Church have set up college, Roman catholic - St Xaviers Lengpui and 7th Day adventist - Helen lowry College. 

6. Roads - The Roads are in bad condition, Many allege that the money to be used for construction has been used for the Flagship NLUP program. The roads maintained by the PWD department of the state are in a sorry state. I drove from Aizawl to Ngopa, about 180 kms, it took about 9 hours to drive. The roads are in a horrible state and if the Congress party fails to win relection, it could be purely because of this.

7. Railways- The railway line from Bairabi to Sairang is in progress, expected to be completed next year.