Thursday, November 15, 2018

Mizo Food

Artui Chhipchhuan along with Beef soup, Paratha and Alu Choop - usually served in Mizo Restaurants

Again Artui Chhipchhuan, noodles, beef soup and some spice

Below are some of the Mizo Foods which are usually served for Guest. Non Veg, Dal, Some boiled Vegetable and some grounded spice are usually served.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Lalsavunga Park, Hlimen

Hnam Hnatlang

I was fortunate to be part of a historical moment
Hnam Hnatlang -The Issue
• Mr. Shashank, Chief Electoral Officer made arrangements for Bru Refugees to cast their votes from their camp in Tripura.
• This is against an Agreement signed by all concerned authorities and subsequent Order issued that says all Brus who refuse to come back to Mizoram will no longer be allowed to cast their votes in the Election 2018.
• Mr. Shashank made arrangements for deployment of CRPF without consulting Mizoram State Home Department.
• Cost for CRPF deployment is to paid by Mizoram State. This is unnecessary use of State revenue as past Elections in the peaceful state has never gone out of control of the State Police Forces.
• Principal Secretary, Mr. Chuaungo, questioned Mr. Shashank for the above.
• Mr. Shashank sneakily complained to the ECI that Mr.Chuaungo is preventing him from conducting fair Elections.
• ECI ordered Mr. Chuaungo to step down from his job.
• Mr. Chuaungo was doing his job
• Mr. Shashank's allegations are baseless.

YMA calls all YMA community in Aizawl before taking a call