Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Mizoram Premier League -7 Electric veng FC Vs Bethlehem vengthlang

Today watched #mpl7 and watched a match in Lammual aka AR ground after a really long time. The only familiar thing from the last time I watched was the stone wall seats which have remain unchanged. The muddy or dusty uneven ground has been replaced by artificial turf. Pitch dark ground with 4 big flood lights. Yes and stands with bucket seats instead of the shaky stand and a fence around the venue. The last time I watched a matched more than 10 years ago, a bull had charged on one of the players😀. Last but not the least, the match between Electric veng FC and Bethlehem vengthlang was interesting but I would say the mountain backdrop was even more

Friday, October 26, 2018

Tam Dil

Mountain Views in Mizoram

Fisherman crossing Tuivai River on Bamboo Raft

Nghah loh dawr

Nghah loh dawr also known as Shop without shopkeeper on the way to Ngopa.The amount is written in front of goods on sale. You take what you want and put the amount in the cash box. Simple yet shows the great trust shown within Mizo community

Ngopa Platinum Jubilee

I had the good fortune to witness the Young Mizo Association Platinum Jubilee in Ngopa, one of the main aspects of the festival is that there is a community feast with beef, pork and chicken in the afternoon around 3 and a singing concert given in the evening.

Note that most of the work of preparing the pandal, preparation of food is done by the local community without hiring any professionals voluntarily, a dharna followed throughout Mizoram which basically means voluntarily putting community before self.