Monday, August 14, 2017

CMWA Fresher 2017

A hmasa in CMWA hmingin Chibai ka buk a che u.
A tam zawk chu Mizoram hmun hrang hrang atanga lo kal in nih ka ring, mahse hetah chuan kan rawn chhuahna veng emaw khua emaw kha min khai khawm tu a ni tawh lo, Mizo kan nihna hi min khai khawm zawk tu chu a ni. Mizo te hi Mizoram pawn kan chhuah hian kan inti mizo leh zual a, kan lungrual leh zual a, Chennai phei chu kan awmna a hla si a, in lungrual leh zual turin ka sawm a che u.
Chennai khawpui  a lo kal in thlan avangin ka lawmlut  duh che u a. Chennai khawpuia in awm chhung a in fimkhur na tur leh kaihruaina tur point tlem a zawng a hnuai ah hian kan tarlang ve ang e.
1.      Rental Agreement – Chennai I awm chhung in Hostel ah te I awmlo a nih chuan, In I luah ngei ang a, chutiang a nih chuan Rental agreement siam ngei ang che. I rental Agreement ah  chuan thla tin I in luah man bak ah, notice period te, Rental deposit pek zat te chiang tak in ziak thla vek ang che. Rupees 20 Stamp paper hmang in a Rental agreement hi a tih theih a ni. Rental agreement te In neih chuan nakinah House owner te'n Rental deposit an pek let duh loh pawh in hma lak a theih a ni. Tun hnai hian Mizo awm te pawh in luah lam ah buaina nei an tlem ta deuh. Rental agreement draft mamawh chuan senior member te in lo be dawn nia.

2.      Staff Contract – Chennai ah hna thawk tur a I lo kal a nih pawh in, chiang takin I hna thawh na te nen contract neih tum ang che. Chu mi contract ah chuan I hlawh zat tur te, ban hmaa notice period mamawh zat te,  I hna thawh tur te chiang tak a ziak tur in I ti dawn nia. Staff contract  te In neih chuan nakin ah hlawh an pek duh loh che pawh in hma lak a awl. Hna zawm hian Mizo te hi I fimkhur ang u, hna hmuh apiang zawm mai mai lo in, Hlawh zat ringawt en lo in, eng nge a benefit te leh contract mumal a awm nge awm lo te, a thawk tawh te’n a rintlak nge rintlak loh an sawi dan atang te’n  en chian phawt a  pawimawh khawp mai.

3.      Zu leh Drugs- Chennai a lehkha zir tur emaw, hna thawk tur a kan rawn chhuk hian, kan chhungte theuh te’n min ring tawk a min thawn chhuak ani a. Helaiah zu leh damdawi te awlsam taka lei tur a awm avanga mahni inveng tha zolo tamtak kan hmu tawh a. Mi tam tak an zirna ah te leh hnathawnhaah te buaina tawkin Mizo hming ti chhe zawng a lo che palh kan awm leh thin hi a pawi kan ti a. CMWA hruaitu atana a  hminga ruat ve te pawh hi helaia mahni hna tul thawk ve vek kan ni tih hi min hriatpui ula. Mahni zirna hmunah leh hnathawhna hmun ah theuh te theihtawp chhuahin, kan hnamze mawi I lantir zawk zel ila, midang tibuai zawnga chetloh hram I tum theuh ang u.    

4.      Tamil Culture
·       An tawng nuih sawh suh, an tawng hi an ngai hlu hle a ni.
·       Tamil chaw hi a tui, a theih chuan ei ve tum ang che. Tui I in in , I hmui  in no kha si suh.
·       Tamil Nadu a kan mi lar te, Rajnikant-a te fiamthu in an hnam pui hma ah nuih sawh suh ang che.
·       Inchei lam ah fimkhur a tha, hetah chuan inchei dan a dang. An society a conservative .
·       Hnam dang thian siam fimkhur a tha, nun him nan zawk.
·       Hmeichhia I nih chuan zan rei ah nang mah chauh in motor ah chuang suh, Ola emaw Uber pawh ni se, a him lo. 
·       Bus chuan in Mipa tan, hmeichhia bul a thut a thiang lo, mipa lam ah chauh thut tur.

5.       Kut Thlak
             Tamil ho hi a hnam ang in, hnam zai dam leh mi kut thlak ching lo tak mai an nia a, an thinrim vawr tawp ah pawh, an in hau vak vak duh chauh a, a theih hram chuan kut thlak hmasa lo a tan a pawimawh. Mahni thiam na ngei ah pawh in sum a, an mahni kuthlak loh kha a pawimawh zawk. Mahni dik na ngei a nih chuan Police hnen ah pawh report a tha zawk. Mi rama awm zawk kan ni tih inhre reng ang u.

6.      Mahni Nunna lak- Nunna hi a pawimawh, depression emaw lungaihna te kan nei a nih chuan kan member pui Dr Pyschriatrist Dr. Dennis a leh Rev. Lalthanzauala te an awm tih member te’n hria se, a tul chuan medication emaw counselling pek thei reng a ni tih hriat tur.

A tawp ber ah chuan Chennai Mizo Welfare Association hi Mizo te ta a nia, Sorkar ah pawh kan in register ve thlap a ni. He pawl ti hlu tu leh neitu chu nang ni Fresher te hi in ni a, he pawl hi theihtawp a chhawmdawl chho zel a, Mizo tlawmngaihna nun mawi Chennai a ti lang zel thei tur in hma min lakpui tur in ka sawm a che u.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

How the Success forumula of Aizawl FC can be used in other areas of life

It is kind of late to write an article on success of Aizawl FC after their I League championship this year,  there have been lots of articles written about it’s success. It has brought about a lot of pride and given hope and confidence to a lot of the mizo and northeastern youth that even though we are a small community from Northeast, marginalized, small in stature and not wealthy, we can still come out first and suceed in a all India football tournament in a country of 1 billion people.
But did the Mizo people do it alone, the Mizo people in Mizoram are known for their hardwork as well as their pride in their own dignity.  We have student Unions who unjustly tax non Mizo businessmen from the plain. A lot of Mizo people are unsecure in seeking support for developing better business infrastructure and investment in Mizoram due to fear of assimilation.
Let’s have a closer look at the sucessful Aizawl TEAM:

1.       Selection of the best Coach without prejudice: Coach Khalid Jamil is a muslim from Mumbai but with more than 10 years experience in the I league, this did not prevent owner of Aizawl FC Team Robert Royte from recruiting him inspite of his religious background. If Mizoram is to suceed, it’s time that they take stock in areas of business and get the bet person to Manage it. Even in a mighty country like USA, they have South African Billionaire immigrant entreprenur Ellon Musk  who contributes to the country. They also have indian CEO Sunder Pichai as CEO of google. They probably selected Sunder Pichai because of his experience and skills shown for the job and he has contributed to google and to the country. They did not concentrate on hiring an American, same here for Mizoram.

2.       Giving Freedom to the Coach: Another very important point here is that after appointing the Coach, you give him freedom to choose his team. East Bengal with a much bigger budget sometimes buys the best player before hiring the Coach, it’s important the players fit the Coaches temperament. Once you hire the coach, it’s important to give him a free hand. Jamil brought in Ashutosh, Rane and Al amna and maybe other players. This certainly brought about a difference.

3.       Team Name – Aizawl FC had a very passionate fan following, it also was able to get support wherever it went. To a certain extent, it was because it encompassed a lot more people in just it’s name. If the teams name was let’s say Air India, Some Cement Company or some Cola sponser company, it would have evoked a lot less respone. It’s important to take into consideratin the branding and marketing strategy. The use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram defintely helped in developing passion.

4.       Multiculturalism – Mizo’s generally have a deep mistrust with mainlander Indians due to past history of insurgency  and with regards to african’s, Mizo’s have an admiration of people with fair or whiter skin, it could be due to the fact that the former colonizers were british as well as the missionaries. But Aizawl FC had three mainland Indian Player, 2 from Mumbai, 1 from Goa and Three African Players- 1 from Liberia, 1 from Ivorty Cost and 1 from Nigeria and 1 from Syria, a Muslim Country. If Aizawl FC had played the matches with only players from Mizoram, they may have not won the I –League. Likewise, if you see any big corporates around the world, it’s color blind, the most important critieria being quality and suitability for the Job. If a Company from Mizoram is to be listed in the Mumbai stock Market or be a big corporate, it’s unlikely that it can be handled by just a team from Mizoram. They would need skillset from all over India and maybe the world. HR Manager from Kerala, CEO from Mumbai, CFO from Chennai. The ownership may still be with Mizoram but to suceed and have success it’s important to pick the right person for the job.

5.       Passion and hardwork not Money- Last but not the least, the success of Aizawl FC has shown the way that it’s not just money that matters. The Budget of the whole of Aizawl FC player was equal to the fee of Sony Nordy, Striker from Mohun Bagan FC. The players from Mizoram who won the I league also have 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth, 2 hand and 2 legs like most of us. They had to travel further than anyone else as their base was in Aizawl, they were probably payed lower than other football teams, accomodated in cheaper hotel than other hotels but in their football matches, you could see that they struck their winning goals deep into the second half. This was not due to just luck, This was because they worked harder, trained harder and gave more effort in whatever came before them.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Harsatna ah kan beidawng tur a ni lo.(Sermon tawi)

Kan Lalpa Isua Krista hmingin Chibai ka buk a che u a, he hun lawmawm lo thlengah hian Lalpa malsawmna a thara dawng turin duhsakna ka hlan a che u. Engangin nge kum thar lo thleng hi kan nghah a, kan lo hmuah le?

Vawwin chu Joba harsatna tawh leh, a harsatna atanga Pathian nen an in hnaih zawk dan kan zir dawn a ni.

Chennai ah pawh Mizo kan tam tial tial a, Zirlai leh hnathawk te pawh kan pung tial tial a ni. Keini heta awm te pawh kan tam tawh avangin, buaina te kan nei ve zel a. Kan harsatna thenkhat te han list thla I la.

A then chu hlawh te kan la thei lo
A then chu kan bo, zawn ngai in
A then chu kan dam lo
A then chu fel loh avang in police in min man, lung in tang te pawh kan awm tawh a ni.
A then accident  te
A then chu zuk leh hmuam a buai te pawh kan awm.
Chuan hmaih theih loh, nikum ah tui lian kan nei, tun kum cyclone kan nei. Chennai ah hian harsatna kan kal tlang nasa a ni.

Heng kan harsanta tawh paltlang tur hian Joba atang hian eng nge kan zir theih ang.

Tun kum cyclone Vardah ah khan Chennai mizo te hliam tawk leh nuna hlauh an awm lo hlauh a, a lawm awm  hle in ka hria. Eng pawh ni se, Nikum thil kal ta, Chennai tui len lai kan thil tawh kan sawi ve ang e .
Nikum December thla tir lampang khan CMC vellore pan in kan nupa leh ka Pu Zawn te nupa, CMC Vellore check up hruai tur in kan kal a. Kan chhuah ni pawh chuan chhum a tam a, ruah tlem a tla a ni. Kan kal lam pawh chuan a then chuan in hria ang, Tambaram west lam bypass road khan vellore lam in kan pan a, tui kha a lo tling thuk khawp mai a, mal thleng dawn dawn te khan tui a lo tling pur mai ,hmun then khat ah kha chuan. Vanneih thlak tak mai in Motor lian te kan hma ah an tlan a, speed tlem la pa chuan kan kal a, motor chhung ah tui a rawn luh loh mai bak ah, engtine a thi lo kha mak kan ti in kan lawm em em a ni. Dam lo phur bawk, mang ang bawk si nen kan tawngtai phei nasa nghal hle. Ka nupui phei kha chu a tawngtai urhsun hman viau in ka hria. Highway kawng pui kan va thlen tawh kha chuan , kawng te a lo lian a, harsatna lutuk tawk lo in Vellore chu kan va thleng a tluang tak in kan in check up ta a ni.
Kan rawn haw leh lam chuan Sriperambadur thlen dawn ah, traffic jam nasa tak mai hi a lo awm a, dar kar 2-3 vel motor ah kan thu, Ka Pu Zawn damlo a ni bawk si nen, ei tur awm bawk si lo, kan motor din na lai kawng sir kha ruah a sur zel avang khan tui a rawn tling tam tial tial, kan tawngtai, chutiang kar ah chuan motor a ka chhuak tur bike in ka motor kawngkhar a rawn su bur mai, a thinrim thlak khawp mai. Hma kan sawn thei loh em avang khan kan motor awm na lane atang chuan let leh in, wrong side in kan tlan phei ta. Kan kal na lam kha kawng hnuai zawk lo ni in, tui in a lo chim vek, Truck pakhat luchung kan hmu thei tawk a ni. A va han lawmawm em, Pathian in min veng him tlat a ni. Chennai lam kan pan zel, Kawng ah chuan kan thian te kan call, Pu Bena te chhungkua te leh kan thawh pui te pawh, ruah a nasat zia an sawi. Kan in phei chu a kal chi loh thu an rawn sawi. Chennai lam kan panna kawng ah pawh khan vai tlawmngai in Pot hole (drainage kawng khuar) kha lo veng , min hel kual tir zel. Pathian venhimna a va la han ni teh zel em. Mahse Hotel kan zawng, kan vanduai ta. Kan nau te Hyatt leh Westinn a thawk te kan va phone, room a awm loh thu min lo hrilh, an mikhual te pawh room an tawm tir hial a ni. Chutia Hotel room kan zawn kual lai chuan, eng tin tin emaw zing dar 3 ah Hotel kan hmu thei hram, kan va han lawm em. Nungambakkam Park hotel kah room kan hmu. Mylapore ah te pawh room chu kan hmu mahse kal tlak a ni. Rel leh flight zawng zawng an cancell avang te pawh a ni mah na, room kha a vang hle a ni.
Kan Hotel kawt

Khua chhung ah pawh lawng an hmang nasa hle.

A tuk zing, zing chaw ei zawh hnu chuan kan veng kal ka tum ta a, auto emaw taxi hmuh tur a awm ta lo reng reng , a awm chhun pawh kha a to viau bak ah an duh na lai te bak an kal duh lo. Hotel atanga km 5 vel, Kottturpuram bridge lam ka pan, in thleng ke in ka haw mai ang ka ti, mahse Kotturpuram bridge sir chu tui lian in a lo chim nasa mai, Police in mipui kan loh nan an lo veng tlat, a bul hnai apartment awm te mang ang hmel, apartment chung atang Helicopter leh lawng te lo au lai ka hmuh chuan ka khawngaih hle, in lam ka fa te pawh ngaihtuah na a ti thui hle a ni.
Chutiang a nih chuan ti in ke bawk chuan Saidapeth bridge, km 4 vel a thui chu ka va pan leh ngar ngar, vai ho ka zawh te lah chuan a kan theih kha an ti ve mai bawk a. A hmun ka va thleng chiah chu Pathian hnenah lawm na ringawt hian ka khat, zing dar 3 vel kan kan lai vel khan kan huai ma nge ka lo ti a, Saidapeth bridge ropui tak mai kha tui lian in a chim vek,  vawiin thleng hian he lei ka cross hian, suangtuah thiam pawh a harsa ka la ti, a rapthlak lutuk a hmun a en chuan.
Chutia kan ngaihtuah vung vung lai chuan MRTS , Beach to Velachery train hman kha ka rilru ah a lo lang ta a, MRTS rel hian feet 20 vel a sang rel kawng kal a ni bawk a ti in km 10 dawn vel Saidapeth atang in Mylapore ka pan leh ta char char a, ka wallet ka hawng a, ka pawisa note te pawh a lo huh vek rawn kal in, a hman tlak tawh lo. Rel a kal loh pawh in rel kawng ka zawh ang a, Velachery chu ka thleng mai ang ka ti a, mahse vanneih thlak tak in rel chu a lo service a, a hahdawm thlak ngei mai. Rel atang chuan Chennai khawpui tui lian han thlir kual chuan a rapthlak ngei mai, thla lak na moode ah pawh ka awm tawh lo, thla pawh ka la lo, in thlen dan ringawt a ni ka ngaihtuah tak tawngtai na nen.
Zu dawr chiah dawr in hawng hmuh tur a awm, ei in vel pawh a buaithlak hle.

Velachery ka thleng ta, ka nitin office kawng ngei mai kha. Velachery hmun hi tun hma dil awm na hmun a ni hrim hrim a, tui len lai chuan tui pawh a tling nasa hle. Tui a tam lutuk kha lei (Overbridge) ah ka lawn kai ta phawt mai. Velachery rel station atang a Kamakshi dam dawi in in thleng kha feet 4-5 vek a lo ni mai, suangtuah a har ngei mai. Khua kha a vawt ve deuh tawh bawk si, ni a tla dawn, ruah hmi a sur ser ser mai. A leh lam zawng in mi 600-800 vel an rawn kal phei, kei leh mi tlem te tui tam na lam zawng in ka kal. Vannei ka la in ti hle. Mi thenkhat awm na nei lo, rel station a riak te, mi thenkhat chhungkua a tui lian lam chhuah san, naupang thlaphang hmel te, nu ho nghawng thleng thleng, sari nen an pasal te hlau tak a n kai phei te han hmuh kha chuan kei pawh ka tui kal na, tui hawk thli tenawm tak leh petrol in chawhpawlh a ni tih pawh kha ka theihnghilh vek a ni. A tam zawk chuan an bag ah an pawisa, mobile phone, charger keng in an tlan chhia a ni. Ka rilru te te chuan khawvel hausakna, In lian leh nuam, motor changkang te hi awm zia a va nei lo em, Tui te a han len meuh chuan. Hollywood Disaster movie  min ngaihtuah chhuah tir, Khawvel hi a tawp mai dawn emaw tih pawh a awl hle. A thuk deuh lai ah kha chuan road divider ah te ka kal a, mahse a hnu khan road divider pawh a awm tawh loh na ah kha chuan tui hleuh thiam mah I la, ka phone ka la tui avang khan ka ban phar in ka kal a, kan in bul ka thleng thei ta a. Ka fa te leh kan nau te chu him tak in an lo awm a, mahse kan in hmu leh kha chu kan lawm hle mai. Nu leh pa te’n kan fa te kan hmangaih ai hian Pathian hian keini a fa te hi min hmangaih zawk hi a va han ropui tak em.

1.     Pathian rin avang in natna a bo dawn lo.

Joba ak kha harsatna chi  tin reng a kal tlang a nih kha,mahse khatiang harsatna leh rilru natna ka ah, a thian te leh a nupui thleng te pawh in an dem na kar ah khan a ni kha chu Pathian a rin na ah a nget tlat mai a nih kha. A taksa na te kha na a ti lutuk a.

Job 1: 18,19
A la sawi lai mêkin mi dang a lo tlân leh a, “I fanu leh I fapaten an u ber ina chaw an eia uain an in laiin, 19ngai teh, thlalêr aṭangin thlipui a lo tleh a, in chu kil li-ah a rawn nam a, nula leh tlangvâlte chu a delh a, an thi ta vek mai. Kei chauh hi hrilh tûr chein ka lo chhuak thei a ni,” a ti a. 

Job 2:9,10
21“Ka nu pum ata saruakin ka lo piang a,
Saruak vêkin ka kîr leh dâwn a nih hi.
Lalpa chuan a pe a, Lalpa chuan a la leh ta a nih hi,
Lalpa hming chu fakin awm rawh se,” a ti a.
22Hêng zawng zawngah hian Joba chu a sual lo,
Pathian a sawichhe hek lo.

Hêng zawng zawngah hian Joba chuan Pathian a sawi sel lo.

Hêng zawng zawngah hian Joba chuan thu sual a sawi lo.

Harsatna kan tawh in eng tin nge kan awm,  Pathian rin zawk kan thlang ve dawn em Job a ang khan tih hi kan in ngaihtuah theuh a ngai a ni.
Keini Chennai a awm te pawh nikum ah Tui lian kan nei, tun kum cyclone, Nakum ah eng nge lo thleng leh dawn kan hre lo mahse Pathian nen chuan eng mah hlauh tur kan nei .

2.     Harsatna kar ah Pathian kan rin avang in kan harsatna chhan kan hre kher lo ang.

Joba bu kha kan han zir chian chuan, Job a kha mi fam kim, mi puitling leh fel a ni. Mi fel leh rinawm a nih vang khan Pathian khan a malsawm a ni. Joba kha Pathian khan a chhuang hle a, Setana a fiah tir ngam a nih kha. Joba khan a harsatna leh hrehawm kal tlang na chhan kha a hre kher lo, mahse Pathian a ring tlat. Thih hial te kha a ngaihtuah a nih kha. Harsantna leh hrehawm na hian mi hausa leh mi rethei a thliar lo. Keini ring tu te pawh Pathian a kan rin tlat chuan Pathian in min veng in min enkawl tlat dawn a ni. Pathian hian harsatna leh thlemna kan zawh loh tur min pe ngai lo a ni. Hman deuh khan Hurricane Katrina kha Florida lam ah a tleh a, mi thenkhat chuan an sual avang in Pathian in a hrem a ni ang an ti, chutiang bawk chuan keini pawh Tuil lian leh Cyclone harsatna te kan kal tlang, Chennai awm mipui te kan sual vang a ni kher lo.

3.     Harsatna leh hrehawm na kar a Pathian fak hi talent chi khat a ni.

A tu a pawh Birthday ni ah te, Christmas ni ah te, Kumthar ni ah te Pathian hnen ah lawm thu sawi a awl  a ni. Mahse harsatna kar ah Pathian fak te, mi sawisel tu te Joba ang a tawngtai sak thei kha chu a ropui hle a ni.
Joba khan Pathian hian mi a veng tlat a ni ti a chiang em em a ni. Joba kha pathian tan chuan a nunna hlauh kha a hlau lo, Pathian a lo kal leh dawn tih a hria tlat.  Pathian ah a rinna a nghet em em a ni.

Job 19:25-
    Mi tlantu chu a nung tih ka hria,
Nakinah chuan vaivutah hian a lo ding ang.
26Ka vunte hi a chhiat hnuin
Ka tisain Pathian ka la hmu ang.
27Kei ngei hian ka la hmu ang a,
Ka mit ngei hian amah tak chu a la hmu ang.
Ka thinlung a chau ta,

4.     Harsatna hian Pathian min hnai tir zawk

Joba a khan a hre lo mai thei a, harsatna a kal tlang nasat avang khan Pathian eng ang mi nge a nih a hriat chian phah. Harsatna leh hrehawm kan kaltlang hian Pathian kan hnai phah a ni. Han ngaihtuah ve teh u.
Davida – Bathsheba nen a uire
Mosia – Tual a that
Jacoba – A unaupa a bum
Bibul ah midang pawh an tam ang, harsatna an kal tlang nasa mahsa Isua krista an phatsan duh lo reng reng, Pathian an ring tlat a nih kha.

Mahse harsatna kal tlang na zawng Isua an hnaih phah loh.
1.     Pharaoh
2.     Thuthlung hlui Juda leh Israel lal tam zawk te
3.     Juda Iscariota.
Tun kum thar lo awm tur a Harsatna kan sut kian nan a kan tih tur te
1.     Tawngtai – In tawngtai sak ho ang, tawngtai na hian thil a ti thei. Harsatna kan tawh a midang tan a kan tawngtai hian , tui a lung vawm ang mai hian a darh zau tial tial a, midang tan malsawm na kan ni thei a ni.
2.     Mi dang tanpui -  Mi dang kan tanpui hi mizo tlawmngaihna nen pawh a  in mil viau a ni. Kan Chennai khau ah pawh hian hnathawh na a beidawng, lekha zir na a beidawng, tlem a fuih ngai, tawngtai pui ngai kan Mizo unau ngei te hi an tam lutuk, in tanpui zel hi I tum ang u.
3.     Hliam ti dam tu – Harsatna tawk kan tam, mi beidawng, mi hlawhtling lo kan tam. Kan thian te, kan unau te, kan hmelhriat te hetiang rilru na kan hriat chuan tawngtai pui I la, Pathian thlamuana an dawn theih nan I tawngtai sak in hruai I tum ang u.
Awle, Kum 2017 hma chhawng tur hian Pathian in min awmpui dawn a, harsatna tam tak kan tawk dawn, mahse heng kan harsatna te hi Pathian in mi chher nan a hmang dawn a ni tih hria in, harsatna te hi kan nungchang ti nghet leh siam tha tu ah ngai in, Cho na zawk ah nei ang u.
Kum 2017 ah chuan  Whatsapp leh Facebook ai in Bible ka chhiar tam zawk anga, ka tawngtai tam zawk ang .
A tawp nan
Kolosa 3:17
17Krista zâra Pathian hnêna lâwmthu hril chungin in tih apiang, thu sawiah emaw, thiltihah emaw, Lalpa Isua hmingin ti vek rawh u.
Lalpan a thute mal min sawmsak rawh se. Amen