Saturday, December 3, 2016

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God – NECF Paper Presentation

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God – Paper Presentation on 3rd December 2016 for Northeast Christian Fellowship Madras Christian College.

Some of the issues which because of not seeking the kingdom of God but desires of the world, which leads the youth astray are:

1.       1.       Drugs and Alcohol – While alcohol has been around before Christianity, the missionaries who came did not encourage it, however due to proximity to Myanmar and golden triangle, drugs is not difficult to find and many youth have died of drugs over dose. Many of the youth in Northeast do not live to their’s 30’s because of the influence of drugs.

2.       Pre marital Sex & Promiscuity – Due to impact of social media, TV a lot of the youth are involved in immorality which tends to lead to HIV Aids infection, unwanted pregnancy having a heavy toll on society with lots of orphans, single family and poverty in society.

3.       Anger and short termperdness – There is a tendency among the northeast youth to be short tempered, quick to hit others and fight with each other, which is a contrast with those living on the mainland. This could be due to factor of our northeast culture where a fight evern between friends or enemies is a fair fight where they fight each other with all their friends looking. When they come to a city like Chennai and fight, it becomes a gang war with the local person brings his friends uncles, which leads to big problems. It’s important for the youth, specially northeast youth to learn to be patient, slow with anger and slower with fist fights.

4.       Peer Pressure – sucumbing to pressure from fashion to drugs and alcohol – This brings us back to Point number 1 and 2, Drugs, Alcohol and promiscous sex. Specially among the youth of today, instead of seeking God, they seek to be cool, they seek to blend in with their friends and avoid being awkward or beeing geeky hence they succumb to pressure from friends to maybe just taste a little bit of alcohol, a tiny little bit of drugs, or maybe a little bit of  promiscuous sexual behaviour, but let’s all remember a little bit of something can lead us to big trouble afterwards, the little bit of drugs leads to drug overdose leading to death, the little bit of alcohol leads to livir damage and death, the little bit of promiscious behaviour leads to AIDS and death – Peer pressure is understated but very dangerous which keeps us from seeking the Kingdom.

5.       Pride –  Living in Chennai, Tamil Bhramins are famous for being vegeterian and their sense of superiority due to the Bhramin lineage and cultural links. Even though we, the tribals of northeast would be in the bottom of the caste system here in Tamil Nadu, We have no sense of inferiority, infact coming from a casteless society, we in fact have developed a sense of superiority over the main land people whom we call mayangs or vai’s. It could be because many of the mainland people working in our states are engaged in labor or maybe it’s because of our inferiority complex, but whatever it is, it is important to keep our pride in check and learn to live in humbleness and respect other culture. Pride keeps us blind from seeking the kingdom of God.

6.       Retain our Cultural and religious identity – Christianity is not a western religon, it is a local religon for everyone, we must promote our culture through our Christianity without compromising our faith. Many of our youth are taken to thinking that seeking the kingdom of God is akin to Idolizing all of western culture, while western culture has a lot of posisitve impact, it’s important to not discard our own cultural practisce , dharna’s, architectural and art from our own culture’s. In mizoram before the missionaries came, Mizo’s had a Dharna of tlawmngaihna, wherein people would help each other irrespective of their background to build a house, dig a grave, protect a person without any expectation of financial or any compensation whatever, this practices which do not conflict with our Christianity of helping others, honesty must be continued on. Our way of worship, our house of worship and the dress we wear to worship are all part of our identity and we need to seek God in a simpler way which will help us identify and get closer to God to have a better understanding of God.