Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Food during visit to US

During my Visit to US, I was fortunate to eat in a number of my friends and relatives house, usually lovely Indian food, but in this blog, just trying to put the more typical american food that I ate in Restaurants.
Banana Pancake in Italian Restaurant
Pasta, something Puii, my Sister made
Chinese food in the US, taken out for food by my friend Sunish. Their noodles are quite different from Indian noode, called Lomaly, food is not spicy as indian and some of them are even sweet.
Pancakes, Eggs and Coffee, typical American Breakfast I guess, lovely Restaurant where I was taken by my Sister Sangi
McDonalds Beef  Burger, I loved it, we don't have beef burgers in India as cows are sacred.
Shawrma in a Afghanisthan / Pakistani Restaurant in Rockville
Murku by my friend Sunish, we both studied in South India
Reston Oktoberfest, the people are dancing to German tunes
Popeye, something like McDonalds, quite popular in US.
In Indian Restaurant with my Sister Puii having wadapau and dahi vada
Food are Farmers Market, yummy burger
This one too, chicken and mash potato
Vietnamese soup
Vietnamese soup, called Pho, quite popular due to large Vietnamese immigrant population , I was taken to this restaurant by my friend Sunish.
Mexican Spread of a bit of everything- burrito, etc with Puii and Todd in Mexican Restaurant.
Dinner at Pu Biaka's house
Lovely food at my Friend Sunish's Den
Finally some food that I had on the way to US and back, on  Qatar Airways.

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