Monday, March 4, 2013

Hiking up to Waterfalls

1. This place behind ATS almost looks like some place out of the Movie Last of the Mohicans, with my friend Rema and Job, we continued our hike beyond Joining river.
2.Just Hiking along the water source. 3. Rain water harvest pool on the way 4. Rocky way 5. Almost reaching the way. 6. Finally reached the water hole, there was very less water, would be more beautiful during rainy season. 7. The Main Waterfall, but very less water, nevertheless, still very beautiful, you can see my two friends on the side of the big pool. 8. Surrounded by high cliffs on all sides with water streaming on all sides. 9. Another angle of the falls 10. The view from the top of the falls. 11. Another fall on top of the falls, will try to be here again after the rainy season God willing, very beautiful place but I guess might be more beautiful during monsoon....

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  1. It is exactly the sort of pristine, lush woodlet with a hidden waterfall that I always dream of visiting...and to think that such a place exists not very far! :)