Monday, March 11, 2013

Hiking the Sunset Mountains

I used to spend my Childhood in this boarding school(ATS), I always thought it had the the most beautiful sunsets and I always used to wonder how the hills over the sunset would be, I consider myself lucky to fulfill my dream.To summarize the place, I feel this is the kind of country where the last of the Mohicans(James Fenimore Cooper) would roam about. 1. Rolling green hills over setting sun.
2. Isolated hut over rolling hills. 3.Windows 98 desktop wallpaper? 4. Oval hill 5. Hill top 6. Green Meadows 7. Terrace rice fields 8. On the way to Giant Rock 9. Giant Rock up close with friends 10. Shadow photos/ Thla lak 11. Rock Plate 12. Forest fire on the way 13. Forest fire eating up the forests. 14. Smoke dancing with the sunset haze. 15. Sunset over pine trees. 16. Setting Sun rays. 17. Time to say bye, will come here again.


  1. Yup this is definitely where "Last of the Mizohicans" would have been shot again :) Awesome breathtaking photos as usual.

  2. beautiful, breathtaking pictures which, i hope, one day, to see with my own eyes :) thanks