Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trekking up Joining River

1. Joining River in the distance
2. Small waterfall which we hiked.

3. Some fallen trees on the way. 4. It was raining but we did not get that wet. 5. Thick forest all around, I wet my shoes due to the slippery stones 6. Fallen tree trunk 7. With my friend Job, high trees all around, hardly got wet, felt like going through a cathedral with the tall trees on the side. 8. Very narrow way if we did not want to get wet. 9. Beautiful Creek 10. Thick forest on the side, we only had a stick and Mizo Chempui (Big Knife), luckily no encounter with no wild animals. 11. The end point, we could not proceed beyond this point as there was rocky cliffs all around, the waterhole looked deep enough for a good dive and swim on a hot day.


  1. An unsullied paradise. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Location and a little more trek details would be helpful :)

  2. @ Mayurakshi - This place is on a hill behind Northeast Adventist College, Near Thadlaskien Lake, near town of Umlong.

  3. Lovely pictures man!!!!!! You took them all? Wish tourism infrastructure there was better. I am from Baroda. Have been wanting to travel to the NE for so many years.