Monday, February 11, 2013

Over the Sun set Mountains - of ATS

1. Mountain Road Behind Northeast Adventist College

2. My Destination was the hill on the other side 3. View from the other side destination. Sadly, mining has destroyed a lot of the beautiful nature behind the College. 3. Top of the Hill on the other side 4. Trees at the top of the Hill 5. The Tall Pine trees, after a tiring hike to the top of the hill, it was nice to have a cool breeze on top of the mountain. 6. After some rest, continued my hike, I felt like I had reached the Shire in the Lord of the rings, beautiful oval small hills. 7. Rice field terrace cultivation 8. Rice field terrace cultivation-2 9. From bottom of rice field 10. Followed the small creek along the rice fields. 11. A small water reservoir, big enough for a dip, nice place to campout 12. More rice fields in the setting sun. 13. Getting late, time to turn back even if it's only 5 PM here. 14. And miles to go before I sleep. 15. Finally back at base and the setting sun.

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