Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Aizawl at Night during Christmass -2013

Aizawl is beautiful at night during Christmass new year celebration, here are photos for 2013, for the same kind of photos for 2011, you can click here.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mizoram Elections 2013 Result

As Predicted the Congress part won the Assembly Elections in Mizoram, here are a few statistics on the results.

  • Age: Average age of Candidates is 54.46, The youngest 39, the Oldest 74
  • Wealth : 62% of the candidates have assets of 1 crore or more.
  • Education: 80% of the elected candidates are Graduates and above which could hopefully result in better legislation. Almost 30% of the Candidates have Masters degree and above.
  • Criminal Cases: 0 % of the candidates have have criminal cases which could be a record to emulate in India.

The Congress Party has put in their Manifesto very important Objectives, among which there are important Infrastructure Projects that  the people of Mizoram would expect them to accomplish within the next 5 years.

1. Tuirial Hydel Project- Even though the Project is not completed, it is in progress and is expected to be completed in 2015. They have initiated other Hydel Projects like Tuivai Hydel Projects, Kolodyne Hydel Projects etc which are yet to start groundwork.
2. Medical College- Work is not yet initiated, the MNF party made major subcontracts to their own party men which left it with substandard Infrastructure. Also application for Medical College is a tedious process requiring approval from MCI etc. However they have completed the building for the Nursing College.
3. Education- There have been issues with delay in receiving Salary which could be due to fiscal mismanagement. Some grant in aid schools have been closed. They have initiated an Education commission with noble ideals but much is to be implemented. IIMC has established in Mizoram University. NIT is still running in a rented place in Chaltlang waiting for their campus to complete construction near Lengpui Airport. The Law College building is also still in a rented place and construction of campus in Luangmual is yet to be completed. Universal Elementary Education.
4. Roads - The Roads are in bad condition, mostly due to Monsoon as well as due to road widening. Poor road conditions would be one of the weak points of the congress government, of which the portfolio is being held by the CM.
5. Railways- The railway line from Bairabi to Sairang is yet to start due to compensation issues. 
6. Aizawl Convention Centre
7. Cable car (ropeway)  
8. Lok Ayukta
9. Electricity in all Mizoram Village and produce 280 MW
 10. Upgrade Labour Employment department  promote Mizoram Skill Development Society
11. High Court- The High Court was part of the MNF Peace Settlement along with Mizoram University but has not yet been initiated.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Mizoram Assembly Elections 2013 With Statistics on the Candidates

I had earlier blogged about Mizoram Assembly Elections 2008. This will be a continuation of the same. The Upcoming Elections are expected in December 4 but could be held earlier on request of the Church. I will be reviewing here the Prospects of the party viz a viz the comments and observations that I have made in 2013. Kindly note the links will be updated as parties announce their candidates and comments are personal opinions based on Public feedback from Facebook, Internet and Interaction from people within the community.

Some Statistics on MLA Candidates in Mizoram: I have done a bit of statistical survey on the MLA candidates, I have included only Congress Party, ZNP and MDA (MNF+MDF+MPC Alliance) and excluded other parties like BJP and NCP have negligible effect in Politics of Mizoram.
Some of the highlights:

  • Age: The Average age of the candidates is 53.4 years with ZNP having the youngest average age of candidates at 50.67 and Congress Party having the oldest average candidates at 56.17 years. In 2008, Congress Party had the youngest average age of candidates and won the election.
  • Wealth : 52% of the candidates have assets of 1 crore or more. Congress party with 24 Crorepati's has the most number of crorepati's followed by MNF party with 23 crorepati's and ZNP with only 14. Mr K Sangthuama with assets of over 25 Crores is the richest candidates. With most of the candidates not having PAN Card, it is possible that some of the candidates may have more assets than reported in affidavit.
  • Education: 80% of the overall candidates are Graduates, 13% PU and 8% who have studied upto 10th. While Education is a great parameter for selection of a candidate. Congress party have a dynamic home minister who have studied upto 10th, a good sports minister who has studied only upto PU.   The MNF Party has the most well qualified candidates with 10% of Candidates who have completed Phd, 30% Post Graduates and 45% Graduates and just 15% upto PU Level, followed by Congress party with 3% Phd, 28 % Post graduates and 53% Graduates, it also has 10% of candidates with educational qualification of only 10th and below. ZNP has the least qualified candidates with 14% of candidates having completed education upto 10th and below, Pre University 16% , Gruaduates 49% and only 22% Post graduates with no Doctorates. In 2008, the Congress party with the most well qualified candidates won the Election. 
  • Please Note: While Age, Wealth and Education may not be factors for winning an Election, it must definitely be one of the factors for selection of candidates. With regards to Age, it is desirable to have young energetic leadership sprinkled with experience to have new ideas and thinking into the administration.  I also noticed that a lot of candidates who do not have very high educational qualification were also candidates, they also were quite wealthy, hence it can be assumed that Wealth is an important factor in Selection. With Regards to Education, MDA has come out with very well qualified candidates with a few of them having completed even upto their Phd level. In the Previous election, MNF party had the most candidates who did not even complete matriculation and now they have come up with very well qualified candidates, hence it can be assumed that it could be one of the important factors for candidate selection. Also, if you look at developed countries, they tend to have very well qualified leaders, for more on this issue, please read my post on Does Educational Qualification Matter in the Mizoram Assembly Elections? Another very important factor for selection  in a Christian State like Mizoram is standing in the Church. One of the Political parties had even mentioned the fact that 6-7 of their Candidates were Church Elders and proudly mentioned that in front of their name. With a majority of the people being regular church going population, Leaders and elders in Church wield immense influence in society and could sway votes, While I do not deny the influence, I have avoided putting up church standings of the candidates due to lack of data.
  • Criminal Cases : There are only 3 candidates with criminal cases against them. Let's hope that the elected candidates at least do not have criminal cases against them.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Seperation of State from Church – Mizoram

Mizoram, a Christian state in India  is going to undergo an election this November, Mizoram has had Christianity in the state for over 100 years with the Church playing an important role in terms of education and healthcare even before a proper government was set up during the British Colonial Times. The society has benefitted immensley for being a Christian state as the Christian missionaries promoted literacy programs and a healthier lifestyle  to the Mizo People.
However, during the last few years,  It is easy to assume that some of the major religious Church in Mizoram  believe that it is essential to legislate more moral values into public life. Some of these major church groups have sought to influence the government  due to the fact that more than 90% of the state are Christians and are a very important vote bank for a small state like Mizoram. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Demographic Dividend in India - Asset or Liability

In recent times there has been a lot of noise from Indian Politicians as well as from some parts of the Media about the Indian Demographic dividend, speaking in glowing terms of how the huge young Indian population that would come to working age would be a big dividend for the Country.

Even though I may seem like a pessimist in terms of India's population becoming a dividend, here are the points mentioned below why I think there will be Challenges in terms of India's growing population leading to unrest and tension if sufficient opportunities are not provided to the youth.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Raymond Memorial Higher Secondary School

Raymond Memorial Higher Secondary School aka as Falakata Adventist School is a school run by the 7th day Adventist in Jalpaiguri District of West Bengal. I visited this Institution when I drove up from Chennai to Guwahati in a Bolero in 3 days. Reached Falakata on day 3.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hiking the Sunset Mountains

I used to spend my Childhood in this boarding school(ATS), I always thought it had the the most beautiful sunsets and I always used to wonder how the hills over the sunset would be, I consider myself lucky to fulfill my dream.To summarize the place, I feel this is the kind of country where the last of the Mohicans(James Fenimore Cooper) would roam about. 1. Rolling green hills over setting sun.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Hiking up to Waterfalls

1. This place behind ATS almost looks like some place out of the Movie Last of the Mohicans, with my friend Rema and Job, we continued our hike beyond Joining river.