Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why the Indian Elephant is not a Chinese Dragon

I have always been following the Success and Development of China along with that of India. Some people have compared it to the Hare and the Turtle, others the Elephant and the Dragon.  The next century of our lives is likely to be shaped by these two great Economies. I have just read the Book Billionaire by Tarun Khanna a Professsor in Harvard and another Book the amazing race between China’s hare and India’s Tortioise by Raghav Bhel, the man behind CNN IBN and other TV networks. 

 I had already written my assessments earlier in my previous post in 2007 where you can have a look by reading it here.

I have not yet been to China but as I do live in India, I am going to write below what I feel is often a wrong projection by Indiophiles. It sometimes seems to me that some Indians take offense when talking about the inferior performance of the Indian Economy compared to the Chinese Economy, they then start talking about Indian Superpower and have coming of age, I am going to avoid such niceties and will write straight from my gut what I feel ails India and what India as a Nation has to learn from a developing Economy like China.