Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mizoram University Campus Photo Tour

It was my privilege to visit Mizoram University during the break between Christmass and New Year during my holidays, My cousin Esther Hnamte who is working with Mizoram University took me around for which I am very grateful to her.  Even though I am not an alumini of Mizoram University, I have always taken keen interest in developments within Mizoram University as it is the heart and centre of Mizoram's development, the University campus was much bigger than I expected and I could also see a lot of developments, the photos of which I will share below.

I was also fortunate to be able to meet the Vice Chancellor, Professor Lalthantluanga who is also a family friend of ours, he was kind enough to take me to his home for tea from his office,  being a courtesy visit, I did not quiz him much of what I really wanted to ask him but he did tell me that he visited Yale University, an Ivy league university in the US in 2011 to study effective functioning of University , he also mentioned that Mizoram University is on it's way to having solar panels installed for each department for which the central government is going to bear 90% of the cost, he also mentioned that law department is not yet in the pipeline but they are interested in Architecture department but they could not get qualified candidates. He did mention that very bright Phd Mizo students were recently recruited in the University as Faculty.

1. Mizoram University Entrance Gate
2. Mizoram Universtiy as seen from the sky 3. Administration Block of Mizoram University 4. Inside Quadrange of Admin Block of MZU 5.Multipurpose hall of Mizoram University 6. Guest Accomodation MZU 7.Central Library of MZU 8. Computer Centre of MZU 9. Ampitheatre of MZU 10. Vice Chancellor Residence 11. Staff Quarters of MZU 12.Girls Residence MZU inaugurated by Rahul Gandhi 13. Social Work Department of MZU 14. Education & Economics Department MZU 15. Commerce Department of MZU 16. Sports Department of MZU 17. Biotechnology Department of MZU 18. Earth Science Department 19. Health Centre MZU 20. New Department or Department enlargment buildings being constructed. 21. New Staff Quarters/ Student Residence/ Classrooms under construction 22. 1000+  seater Auditorium under construction near the Administrative block. 23. Mizoram University Bus Stand 24.Examination Centre I know it's already a very long post but I would like to suggest a few suggestion for Mizoram University.
1. A Department for BIMTEC Studies could be started - BIMTEC being Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Thailand & China.

2. Mizoram University could try to have student/ faculty exchange with neighboring Universities as well as more developed countries.

3. Emphasis be given to further education in technical fields and start new departments for following a) Medical Education both Medicine & Dental. b) Engineering with emphasis on need and requirment of the state c) Legal education so that it could prepare Mizoram better once it gets its own high court d) Tourism Management to showcase beauty and provide employment to youth of Mizoram .

4. Promote local business to contribute in building departments/ dormitories in the University and reserve naming rights after Donor.

5. Negotiate with Mizoram State Government to use the underutilized Tribal arts centre near AICS for sports department of Mizoram University.  Photo  here

6. There is also a urban alleviation project which was discontinued by the state government due to concern for local cultural dynamics, these buildings were erected to house the poor people, but after protest from community, it was discontinued as it was felt that this would promote slum areas within Aizawl, however lot of money has been invested for construction of this buildings, my suggestion is that these building could be either handed over or sold to Mizoram University to house it's students at subsidized cost.  Photo here

7. Have Undergraduate students also in the campus, this would help the students develop goal, vision as well. The undergraduate students could be taught by phd and post doctorate students with assistance of professors.

8. Mizoram University already has IIMC (Indian Institute of Mass Communication), Mizoram govt & MZU could promote the area around Mizoram University to be an education hub and promote other National Institutions with specific line or trade to open within or nearby Mizoram University campus, these could be NIFT (National Institution of Fashion Technology, IIM (Indian Institute of Management),  IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), NLS (National law School), NIHM (National Institute of Hotel Management) etc.

9. Mizoram University could introduce skill and job relevant course in the University, for Instance lots of roads are being constructed but BE Civil Engineering has not been introduced, Mizoram has a lot of scope for hospitality and lot of students go outside the state to study Hospitality course, MZU could also have a hospitality department, also with regards to health care besides MBBS medical studies, Dental and Pharma courses should also be introduced.

10. If you closely look at the map of Mizoram University from google map, you can see that the road to airport is roundabout the city , in order to have better transportation and communication it would be advisable if there was a direct and shorter route with good road from Mizoram University campus to Lengpui Airport without going around Aizawl city. Photo here of road from MZU to Lengpui with suggested shortcut in black- google map pic

11. Set up a software technology park or special economy zone near Mizoram University where tax holiday of atleast 5 years is given with Infrastructure facilities like good buildings, water & electricity so that budding graduates from University can start business from incubation units which can later generate employment for the state.


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  6. the vc of the university is very partial and rejects deserving candidates of north India in recruitment process