Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmass Celebration in Mizoram

Just a few photos of Christmass Celebrations in Aizawl. Normally 24th to 26th is the Christmas festivity period. 24th is basically the preparation day, people have dinner with families, go out and visit friends, 26th is what we call Thingpui Ruai or Tea Festival, the day is usually spent at Church by major protestant denomination, 26th is the day for festival, where either pork or beef is the main course. Below are a few of photos I took during the Christmass festivity.

1. Unfortunately, this Christmass was not a moment of happiness and joy as we would have wanted because I lost two person very close to our family, one of them is my Aunty's husband (Lalthanzika) and the other is my Mother's sister (Lalawmpuii), so Christmas was more a time of recollection of happy times and also a time of tears. I lost my mom nearly 9 years back, I still recollect the first christmas, my first kid, my marriage, joyful moments also become tearful moments, below you can see my two and a half year old son kissing his mother's tombstone, he has never seen his grandmother, but just like me I am sure he would miss her love, care & affection were she still around. As I get older, I undertand how precious my mother was and also feel sad that my cousins will be following in the same path.
2. Thingpui ruai or light snack festivities 3. Bawngsa ruai or Beef Festival

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