Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mizoram University Campus Photo Tour

It was my privilege to visit Mizoram University during the break between Christmass and New Year during my holidays, My cousin Esther Hnamte who is working with Mizoram University took me around for which I am very grateful to her.  Even though I am not an alumini of Mizoram University, I have always taken keen interest in developments within Mizoram University as it is the heart and centre of Mizoram's development, the University campus was much bigger than I expected and I could also see a lot of developments, the photos of which I will share below.

I was also fortunate to be able to meet the Vice Chancellor, Professor Lalthantluanga who is also a family friend of ours, he was kind enough to take me to his home for tea from his office,  being a courtesy visit, I did not quiz him much of what I really wanted to ask him but he did tell me that he visited Yale University, an Ivy league university in the US in 2011 to study effective functioning of University , he also mentioned that Mizoram University is on it's way to having solar panels installed for each department for which the central government is going to bear 90% of the cost, he also mentioned that law department is not yet in the pipeline but they are interested in Architecture department but they could not get qualified candidates. He did mention that very bright Phd Mizo students were recently recruited in the University as Faculty.

1. Mizoram University Entrance Gate

Academy of Integrated Christian Studies & Tribal Arts Centre

On the way to Mizoram University, I thought I would just have a peep at AICS aka Academy of Integrated Christian Studies. AICS is a  college of theology operated and owned by the Baptist Church of Mizoram affliated to Serampore University  next door to Mizoram University.

Right next door to it was Tribal Arts Centre, I could not connect how a tribal arts center resembled more of a outdoor stadium.
1. The Entrance of AICS