Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chennai Mizo Krismas 2012

Chennai Mizo Krismas hmang tu thenkhat te Chennai Mizo Krismas 2012 at Community Hall, Central Revenue Quarters on 2th December 2012.
Chennai Mizo Krismas hmang tu thenkhat te
Hun hmang tu - Pr Lalchansanga
Tv Lallawmsanga
Nl Mary Lallawmzuali
Tv Malsawmkima
Nl Lalramhluni
Special Item Choolaimedu
Special Item Chepauk
Fatu te
Fatu leader leh a pawl te
Ruai theh lai

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Shillong - scotland of the east

Wards Lake- right in the middle of the city, lovely place, landscaped and well maintained

flowerbeds on wards lake

Sunflowers infront of my house

View of Shillong Peak from the roof of my house
Updated Photos 2012
Fire Brigade
Laitumkhrah near Nazareth Hospital
Laitumkhrah Cathedral- Grotto Chapel
Police Bazar
Local Bus which can be converted into truck

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lessons that we can learn from La Roja (Spanish Football Team) for Workplace

La Roja aka The Spanish Football Team

The Spanish Team has had a very long streak of success with a World Cup win in South Africa, an European cup and defending the Present European cup. As we may all be aware of, Football is not an individual game but a team game with a common objective, much the same way corporate world operates. Below are few of the lessons that I feel that the corporate world can take a few lessons from.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Learning lessons for Mizoram from Israel

I have got inspired to blog a bit based on the book START UP NATION- story of Israel's Miracle by Dan Senor and Saul Singer.

To the reader of the blog you may also wonder why not Singapore or Dubai, while Dubai and Singapore are also small city states, there are not dissimilarities, chief among them being that these 2 city states are basically consumer based cities which rely only on commerce whereas Israel depends more on technological Innovations. Just like the Israel, Mizoram, a small state in Northeastern part of India does not really have any great natural resource like Iron ore, Coal or Oil yet, but like Israel it has got a good human resource which has to be trained and honed well. Another great advantage we have over Israel is that unlike Israel we are not surrounded by enemy states for them like Iran which wants to destroy them, instead we are at the gateway of Asian trade as we are at the northeastern border of India connecting the country to the great economy of China and ASEAN countries.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why the Indian Elephant is not a Chinese Dragon

I have always been following the Success and Development of China along with that of India. Some people have compared it to the Hare and the Turtle, others the Elephant and the Dragon.  The next century of our lives is likely to be shaped by these two great Economies. I have just read the Book Billionaire by Tarun Khanna a Professsor in Harvard and another Book the amazing race between China’s hare and India’s Tortioise by Raghav Bhel, the man behind CNN IBN and other TV networks. 

 I had already written my assessments earlier in my previous post in 2007 where you can have a look by reading it here.

I have not yet been to China but as I do live in India, I am going to write below what I feel is often a wrong projection by Indiophiles. It sometimes seems to me that some Indians take offense when talking about the inferior performance of the Indian Economy compared to the Chinese Economy, they then start talking about Indian Superpower and have coming of age, I am going to avoid such niceties and will write straight from my gut what I feel ails India and what India as a Nation has to learn from a developing Economy like China.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sittwe Mizoram Kaladan Multi-Modal Transport Project

Distance: Kolkata to Sittwe by Sea under Look East Policy  Approx 826 kms
Throught the Kaladan Multi Modal Project transport link, the cargo can be transported from Kolkata Port or other ports of India to Sittwe Port by sea and from Sittwe port to Mizoram state by IWT/Highway and vice-versa. The proposed transport system can also be used for border trade between India and Myanmar.  

Monday, February 6, 2012

Aizawl similar to Minas Tirith

Being from Aizawl, Mizoram I have always felt that there was some similarity between Minas Tirith and Aizawl,  you are free to disagree but before I share the similarities that I find just for fun, but before that  let me first tell you about Aizawl and Minas Tirith.

Aizawl: is the capital of the state of Mizoram in Northeast India. With a resident population of around 300,000.  
Minas Tirith: was the capital of Gondor in the Third Age and the Fourth Age of Middle-earth in the Lord of the Rings.

  1. Both Cities are perched on the side of mountain.
  2. Both Cities were built as fort, Aizawl was initially built as Aijal fort.
  3. Minas Tirith was known as Minas Anor, Aizawl used to be known as Aijal.
  4. During war of the ring in Minas Tirth, majority of the people fled, similarly during the MNF uprising in Aizawl, majority of the people fled due bombing by jet fighter.
  5. The king of Minas Tirth lived on the 7th level, the highest point of the City, the Chief Minister of Mizoram lives in Babutlang, one of the highest point in the hill side city of Aizawl.
Minas Tirth

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Aizawl Panoramic View

Find below some photos that I have taken using my   Panoramic assist of my Nikon coolpix S8100. I had used my Picassa collage picture pile option to arrange the photos  which came out really bad now have removed those pics after stitching them again using window live photo gallery which is much more presentable, thanks for the all the feedback, the "passion for perfection continues :-)"

1. Eastern Aizawl Panoramic Photos- Stitched together 5 photos , the view here is from Zemabawk and is of the Eastern side of Aizawl City. DSCN0001-6 2.Eastern Aizawl Panoramic Photos (Night time) DSCN2292 Stitch-1

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mizoram University Campus Photo Tour

It was my privilege to visit Mizoram University during the break between Christmass and New Year during my holidays, My cousin Esther Hnamte who is working with Mizoram University took me around for which I am very grateful to her.  Even though I am not an alumini of Mizoram University, I have always taken keen interest in developments within Mizoram University as it is the heart and centre of Mizoram's development, the University campus was much bigger than I expected and I could also see a lot of developments, the photos of which I will share below.

I was also fortunate to be able to meet the Vice Chancellor, Professor Lalthantluanga who is also a family friend of ours, he was kind enough to take me to his home for tea from his office,  being a courtesy visit, I did not quiz him much of what I really wanted to ask him but he did tell me that he visited Yale University, an Ivy league university in the US in 2011 to study effective functioning of University , he also mentioned that Mizoram University is on it's way to having solar panels installed for each department for which the central government is going to bear 90% of the cost, he also mentioned that law department is not yet in the pipeline but they are interested in Architecture department but they could not get qualified candidates. He did mention that very bright Phd Mizo students were recently recruited in the University as Faculty.

1. Mizoram University Entrance Gate

Academy of Integrated Christian Studies & Tribal Arts Centre

On the way to Mizoram University, I thought I would just have a peep at AICS aka Academy of Integrated Christian Studies. AICS is a  college of theology operated and owned by the Baptist Church of Mizoram affliated to Serampore University  next door to Mizoram University.

Right next door to it was Tribal Arts Centre, I could not connect how a tribal arts center resembled more of a outdoor stadium.
1. The Entrance of AICS