Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmass Celebration in Mizoram

Just a few photos of Christmass Celebrations in Aizawl. Normally 24th to 26th is the Christmas festivity period. 24th is basically the preparation day, people have dinner with families, go out and visit friends, 26th is what we call Thingpui Ruai or Tea Festival, the day is usually spent at Church by major protestant denomination, 26th is the day for festival, where either pork or beef is the main course. Below are a few of photos I took during the Christmass festivity.

1. Unfortunately, this Christmass was not a moment of happiness and joy as we would have wanted because I lost two person very close to our family, one of them is my Aunty's husband (Lalthanzika) and the other is my Mother's sister (Lalawmpuii), so Christmas was more a time of recollection of happy times and also a time of tears. I lost my mom nearly 9 years back, I still recollect the first christmas, my first kid, my marriage, joyful moments also become tearful moments, below you can see my two and a half year old son kissing his mother's tombstone, he has never seen his grandmother, but just like me I am sure he would miss her love, care & affection were she still around. As I get older, I undertand how precious my mother was and also feel sad that my cousins will be following in the same path.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Aizawl at night during Christmass

Aizawl zan lam post loh ai, ka rawn post ve thei hram. Ka chhanchhiat deuh tawh avang in, zan lam Christmass decoration en tur a kan leng kual pawh duh ang in kan ding kual in, thla ka la thei lo, mahse ka lo hmuh ve dan in, kum dang ang tho in Temple, Chandmari leh Sikulpuikawn te a mawi, veng dang pawh a mawi tho, mahse Mission veng in an chei mawi ber in ka hria, lawman pek hial tlak an ni, veng hausa leh pui zawk a ngaih, Dawrpui, Zarkawt, Venghlui etc in an veng an chei vak lo thung. 1. Kulikawn

Sunday, December 25, 2011

No Vehicle Day - Aizawl December 23, 2011

Finally reached Aizawl and have got a chance to spend Christmas here after a long time, the air is clear, crisp and cold, christmass music of the Jim Reeves type as well as local Mizo Christmas carols are in the air everywhere, there's an air of tension among the visitors trying to do last minute shopping. No vehicle day is on 23rd and 24th of December from Zodin to Chandmari west. Find below a few of the photos.
Merry Christmas & Happy New! 1. Dawrpui Street.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mizoram leh Income tax

Kan History zawng a thlir chuan , Mizo te hian tun hma atang in chhiah hi chu kan pe reng thin, kan Lal te hnenah. Kan rinna zawng a thlir chuan Bibul ah khan Josepha khan Aigupa lal hnenah khan tam lo tla tur in peih nan chhiah 1/5 an thawhchhuah kha Pharaoh a pe tur in a ti a nih kha (Gen 47:24)   

Mizoram ah hi chuan Direct tax  (eg -Income tax)  pe lo in, Indirect tax (eg: Sales tax,VAT)  kan pe mek a ni. Mizoram ah Income tax kan pe lo hi kan vannei khawp mai, kan tribal avang in income tax hi kan la pe lo.  Kan CM- Lalthanhawla sawi dan phei chuan tunah hian 5% kan state sum hman chauh hi kan tax ina cover pha a ni, Mizoram hi Central atang in tanpuina kan dawng hi kan vannei tak zet a ni, mahse hma zawn zel tur chuan tax kan la lak tam a, sum lam ah pawh kan hman dan leh kan khawl dan ah kan fimkhur a ngai dawn a ni.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tax Investment Planning (India)

Tax Investments Planning in India
It is again the time of the year when you have to make your investments or else your 2 months salary is going to be deducted. I thought I will just share how I have planned for my tax saving & some of the investing options that we have.  I am giving it a ranking based on 5 stars. You can add  your thoughts on how you invested below, the opinions given below are personal and investing plans may differ from person to person, you are free to comment below if you agree or disagree with my ratings.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

FDI Retail India rawn lut tur ka ngaihdan.

A hmasa in Retail lam ka thu ziah hi, retail leh fdi  lampang ka thiam vang emaw Congress ka tan vang emaw ziak ka ni lo a, ka experience atang a ka thil lo hriat leh ka hmuh ve dan atangin ka thil hmuh te ka rawn ziak zawk a ni e.

Thla Lak hi US a Retail chain lar, Target  leh Kolkat kawthler Sangha zuar a ni e. Target hi a fai in, Bazar a nuam hle, US a Retail chain lar tak a ni.  Sangha zawr na erawh hi chu Kolkat kawthler ni in, a hmun a thianghlim lo hle.

FDI Retail a rawn luh a company lian rawn lut tur te Carre four, Walmat te hi khawvel a company lian tak tak te an nia,  ram tan tangkai pui leh tangkai pui loh na tam tak te pawh a awm ang, a hmasa in FDI Retail tha ka tih na chhan te kan tarlang ang e.