Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pachhunga University College Photo tour

Pachhunga University is a college which according to me can be said to be the Harvard of Mizoram, it's one of the topmost college in Mizoram with most of the Politicians, Church Leaders, Bureaucrats, Journalists, Sports people, famous singers alumini of this college. I do hope that one day this college does become a full fledged university with strong support from it's alumini & Mizoram University. As PUC has a very big green campus, I do hope someday that college's in unsuitable location with no parking and playground eg- T Romana College, will be unified with PUC. Even though I never attended this college, my aunt- Nu Awmpuii (RIP) worked in the principal's office and it was for this reason that I went down to the campus.

A small write up about the Pachhunga University college from their website
Pachhunga University College is the Constituent College of Mizoram University. Pachhunga University College  was awarded Grade ‘B’ with CGPA 0f 2.78 by National Assessment and Accreditation Council(NAAC). The college caters courses up to Honours level in 19 subject areas of Arts, Science and Commerce streams. The academic programme include, apart from effective class room teaching, two terminal exams, periodic class tests, seminars, assignments, remedial courses, field studies etc. One of the distinctive features of the college is its unique setting – a couple of kilometers down the hill away from the hub of the Aizawl Town is the sprawling 760 acres campus. Its lush-green vegetation, the result of 30yrs of nurturing the semi-isolation of the campus, wide-open space with luxuriant natural vegetation provide an excellent atmosphere of learning. Pachhunga University College also have two hostels for boys and girs with a maximum capicity of 100 each. The college also have Internet Resource Centre with wifi internet for the students and teachers. The college has been successively awarded “The best college in Mizoram” by the Mizoram Research Foundation. The college established in 1958 has celebrated their Golden Jubilee with immense joy and success in 2008.. The college currently have 84 teaching staff,  71 non-teaching staff and 25 technical staff

Photos of the campus:

1. Birds eye view of the campus
2. Entrance to the College 3. Administrative Block 4. Block 1 5. Block 2 6. Block 3 7. Science Building 8. Life Science Building 9. Auditorium- external view 10.Library - PUC Library has a sad history of being burned down by MZP( Mizo students union) of which the present art and culture minister was allegedly involved. 11.Boys Hostel 12. Ladies Hostel 13. Canteen 14. College Playground 15. College Bus 16.Green campus - each and every tree has been labelled with it's scientific name.

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  1. I totally love this place and have to visit again this coming December for holiday season with my family.

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