Friday, November 11, 2011

MAFA 2011 Exhibition Vanapa Hall

I was fortunate enough to visit MAFA (Mizoram Academy of Fine Arts) Painting Exhibition inside Vanapa Hall during my visit to Aizawl,  some of the photos that I clicked during my visit with their permission.
1. Typical Mizo Village Painting
2. Painting of a Women weaving in a village 3. Painting of Mizo village on a hill side. 4. Painting of a couple infront of their house in Mizo Village. 5. Water color art view of Mualpui, Aizawl 6.  Painting of a women sifting rice on verandah of Mizo house. 7. Painting of a mizo women washing kitchen utensil. 8. Mizo girl contemplating in traditional mizo gear. 10. Mizo Art

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  1. Hmuhnawm hlawam hle mai Tluangte i ti tha e