Thursday, November 10, 2011

Aizawl close up

Aizawl kawthler thla lak thenkhat te 1. Chandmari .
2.Dawrpui phei 3.Zarkawt 4. Transport Office- Much neater and was lucky to be helped by friendly staff, got my driving license renewed. 5.Album release in Bara bazar open space. 6.  Zodin Cinema Square


  1. @ Alejendro- Aizawl wire hi awm ze nei deuh in thlung se chuan khawpui a ni mawi sawt ang mawle.

  2. 6.Treasury Square i tih khi Zodin Sq zawk a nih hmel e.

  3. @ alexxfender- ka siam tha e, thanks. Zodin Cinema hall thin pawh kha second hand zawrh nan an hmang tawh.