Sunday, November 20, 2011

299th Calcutta Derby - East Bengal Vs Mohun Bagan

The title of your home pag The fans of Mohun Bagan are also  known as the 'Ghotis' while fans of East Bengal are called as 'Bangals'.

I could not follow the match as closely as I do on TV with all the festive atmosphere but a brief report of the  Match- Mohun Bagun got off to a good start,  Bareto created lot of chances, Sunil chhetri created a penalty which was converted by Odafa Okolie. Alan Gow and Robin Singh of East Bengal seemed to be missing the Presence of Tolgay, even though East Bengal players seemed to have a lot of chances, they failed to convert any goals. The lowlight of the evening was the 20 minutes powercut 5 minutes before the game ended.

1.  The Mohun Bagans in Maroon & Grey and East Bengal in White- What an electrifying crowd....Rockets , fireworks, crackers, flames and burnt torches inside the stadium....and non stop screaming, shouting, cursing, taunting & hollering inside the stadium by the young, old, sober & drunkard, it reminded me of the line from movie  Gladiator, where the trainer asked the gladiators, "Have you ever seen anything like that before? " enough said, now for some pictures.

2. East Bengal Stands -Jam packed 3. Mohun Bagan Stands- Full & noisy, the sound of the crowds was something else. 4. Lights go out 5 minutes before time, people curse the officials and light fireworks, crackers and burn torches 5.Mohun Bagan Fans- I got a ticket on Mohun Bagan stands and  was asked by the supporters, which team I supported, to which I replied " I am neutral", a kind hearted  Mariner advised me that you better not shout in support of East bengal once inside the stadium  or else "Mar Khaiga"  or you will be beaten up really bad :-) 6. People started lining up for the 6:30 match at 1:30 already, there was an air of excitement and anticipation among the fans, Obviously 2 separate gates for Mohun Bagan & East Bengal fans, even inside the stadium, the middle block between Mohun Bagan & East Bengal was kept empty to prevent voilence between the fans, never the less, there was still a lot of teasing and taunting among both fans at each other with lewd gestures. 7. I estimated that the total number of fans inside the stadium to be anywhere between 90,000 to 120,000 with all 3 tiers of stands inside Salt lake stadium, I was wondering about the logistics and I found it outside the stadium, people packed in the back of big trucks, the other popular means of transporation Tata Ace, Tata Sumo & Maruti Van were parked all around the stadium. A Brazialn footballer in Mohun Bagan seemed to be very popular as people were changting "Bareto, Bareto on their way home..." 8. Video of Derby Match from Youtube 9. Mizo East Bengal Player from my State, Mizoram scoring a goal in Derby

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  1. Interestig post, reading from USA and feeling the intensity of the noise in the stadium, it is exiting