Monday, September 26, 2011

East Bengal in Finals of Federation Cup

East Bengal Football Club is a Kolkata based club, among one of the big three, the others being Mohamadden and Mohun Bagan. They have a huge rivalry with the other two teams in Kolkata and have a faithful fan following. East Bengal website - East Bengal

Today's Match report - Khan Thang Paita 82nd minute strike helped Kingfisher East Bengal defeat Prayag United SC 2-1 in the second semifinal of the Federation Cup, at the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata. It was an Red and Gold brigade third successive entry in the Federation Cup Final. Alan Gow in the 37th minute and Paita in 82nd minute scored for the East Bengal while Snehasish Datta scored for Prayag in 16th minute.- aiff

It has been great to watch these matches so far, hailing from Mizoram it's good to see Mizo youth playing in big teams, yesterday I watched 4 Mizo guys playing for Shillong Lajong and today there were two of them, Malsawmtluanga playing for Prayag United as striker and Robert Lalthlamuana as defender for East Bengal. I felt the referee was not to fair in awarding the two penalties for Prayag United but I think those of you who saw the replays on TV will know better.

I also find it weird that some teams are being named after the sponsers, for Instance Prayag is the name of a company, there are a few other Football clubs with names of sponsor as the name of the club, some of them are Palian, HALL, ONGC, BEML & Air India,  I find it hard for me that someone would support a club named Air India, instead, why don't the sponsor follow the route of other clubs with passionate followers like East Bengal and Shillong Lajong where the name of the team is named after a geographical area and hence the fan following form that area. Air India for instance could instead name itself Delhi FC and sponsor the team instead of naming the Club Air India.

Find below a few of the pictures I took today:

1.Crowds cheer as the teams move in
2. A young support of East Bengal

3. Vuvuzela by the Fans 4. Ballons too 5. Prayag United Player from Mizoram, Malsawmtluanga taking a corner kick 6. Game in Progress 7. East Bengal press forward 8. And then get a Penalty 9. It's a Goaallllllll 10. It's a throw- Photo taken from ground level Gallery 11. A close up 12. East Bengal pressing forward in the 2nd Half - Photo taken from Middle Gallery 13. Prayag Pushing back- From the top Gallery 14&15- East Bengal custom after winning a match- they light up news paper and perform puja to the East Bengal players in appreciation

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  1. Hmuhnawm hle mai.... Mama khel hi live in salt lake ah hian ka en ve tawh a, a khel a fing ka ti khawp mai...