Thursday, June 30, 2011

One fine Morning in the Vegetable Market at Aizawl

One fine Morning in the Vegetable Market at Aizawl at 5:00 AM, the sun had come up, the market was crowded with people from the villages selling the vegetables that they had got with them from the villages. We, the Mizo's eat lots of green vegetables as shown below and we are healthy too from eating healthy food and climbing up and down the hills :-)
1. Vegetable Market early morning in AizawlDSCN5911-1

Quick tour of Aizawl

1. Mizoram Assembly House

West Bengal Countryside in Monsoon time

1. Train near the railway crossingDSCN5830-1

Kolkata BW - 3 In the Railway Station (Sealdah)

1. Sealdah Station - most crowded railway station in KolkataDSCN5806

Kolkata BW - 2 Monsoon

The 2nd part of my journey through the city of Joy continues. The population, the crowd overwhelms me sometimes, change is in the air, the monsoon has hit kolkata.

Let me start with the monsoon, the rain has started