Monday, May 30, 2011

Different Faces of Kolkata

Kolkata is a city of Joy, a city of Poverty, a city of misgovernance by the communist party of India for more than 30 years, an overpopulated city with a rush of madness everywhere..... in spite of all these, it's also a city of contradiction, a city where people are ready to con you, and a city where people uphold their honesty, a city of civility and a city of rudeness. Find below some of the photos that I have clicked this month.

1. Kolkata

The famous human carts mentioned by Dominique Lappiere in the book "City of Joy". I have not had a ride in it so far.

I found this boy sleeping peacefully on the paveway between Chandni Chowk & Esplanade amidst all the noise and rush, he must be really tired.

3. Kolkata
This old man past his retirement age, still working hard to support himself and probably his family, taken from the bus.

4. Kolkata
This lady selling flowers just above the open smelly stenching drainage.

This man is selling fish, a common food in Kolkata, food here is suprisingly cheap.

Marigold flowers being sold on the roadside, there is hardly any pavement for pedesterians in the streets of Kolkata as they are all occupied by Hawkers supported by Political parties. Hawkers sleep, eat, shit and bathe on the road side.

Mangoes being redistributed among hawkers on the roadside in Dum dum, Kolkata.

8. Kolkata
Anxiously waiting for loved one's in Dum dum airport in Kolkata

This old couple patiently waiting for the train in Howrah Station platform no. 23

You can't miss this one, the Trinamool party office on each pavement and street in Kolkata, they have come into power with the promise of Poliborton (change) in Kolkata, hope they bring positive change.

I am at present now in Kolkata working with Skill Development for Northeast & East India, hope I will be able to contribute to making a positive impact in people's life.

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