Friday, April 22, 2011

Of Elections in Tamil Nadu & West Bengal

I have the destiny or luck of witnessing the Elections of Both Tamil Nadu & West Bengal and I have thought that I would share a few of my Observations in my blog.

On Tamil Nadu - Tamil Nadu has progressed pretty much compared to the Northern states in terms of Human Development Index, it has good roads and pucca houses not only in urban but also rural areas. Lots of big Industries like Ford, Hyunda, Motorala, Nokia and other software companies are around in Tamil Nadu, the Government services are not too bad either but there are still a lot of people who have not yet reaped the dividends of development or as you would say the fruits of trickle down effect. The corruption level of DMK is unimaginable, imagine A Raja who has been accused of corruption of 150,000 crores, okay even if it was just 20,000 crores, that's still a lot, and it has been estimated that 5,000 crores have been distributed with lots of promises of freebies like fan, grinders, laptop etc. The DMK in the previous election had distributed Television sets, which I personally believe may have backfired on them as electorates would be more aware of the 2G scam. On a personal level, I think both the Dravidian parties should have promised more on offering better services and utilities but I find it disappointing that in the hot, humid climate of Chennai, there is lots of mosquitoes  throughout the year, which is because of the open drainage which the government does not care about, also the 2 km road infront of our house was asphalted with tar and bits of rocks within 3 hours, totally ridiculous and pathetic. I do hope the New Government which I assume is going to be Amma would do better and forego of her previous mistakes.

On West Bengal- After coming to West Bengal, it looks like only the name Kolkata has changed in Kolkata, The Airport, Railway station, the trams, roads, buildings are old, crumbling, antique and deserve to be in some museum. I wonder what the CPI-M has been doing all these years. Food and other services like hair cuts are pretty cheap here, the people here are more liberal, porn CD's are sold in the open in Park Street whereas in Chennai they would have been hidden in some corner of the shelf in Burma Bazar. It is sad the Bengali people of Kolkata have not reaped the fruits of India's development, you see beggars in every street corner, sex trade is flourishing, you see lots of people sleeping on the sidewalk, eating on the sidewalk, taking bath on the sidewalk, the human rickshaw in every street corner and smoke belching cranking ambassadors everywhere. People I have spoken to like the Taxi drivers, Chai wala and others have a lot of hope on Mamata Did but I do hope that she would not be like the CPI-M but with just another name. There is lot of expectation that like Nitish Kumar, CM of Bihar she would be able to bring faster development to not only West Bengal but whole of East India and North east India as Kolkata is the gateway of Eastern & Northeastern India.

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