Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmass Celebration in Mizoram

Just a few photos of Christmass Celebrations in Aizawl. Normally 24th to 26th is the Christmas festivity period. 24th is basically the preparation day, people have dinner with families, go out and visit friends, 26th is what we call Thingpui Ruai or Tea Festival, the day is usually spent at Church by major protestant denomination, 26th is the day for festival, where either pork or beef is the main course. Below are a few of photos I took during the Christmass festivity.

1. Unfortunately, this Christmass was not a moment of happiness and joy as we would have wanted because I lost two person very close to our family, one of them is my Aunty's husband (Lalthanzika) and the other is my Mother's sister (Lalawmpuii), so Christmas was more a time of recollection of happy times and also a time of tears. I lost my mom nearly 9 years back, I still recollect the first christmas, my first kid, my marriage, joyful moments also become tearful moments, below you can see my two and a half year old son kissing his mother's tombstone, he has never seen his grandmother, but just like me I am sure he would miss her love, care & affection were she still around. As I get older, I undertand how precious my mother was and also feel sad that my cousins will be following in the same path.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Aizawl at night during Christmass

Aizawl zan lam post loh ai, ka rawn post ve thei hram. Ka chhanchhiat deuh tawh avang in, zan lam Christmass decoration en tur a kan leng kual pawh duh ang in kan ding kual in, thla ka la thei lo, mahse ka lo hmuh ve dan in, kum dang ang tho in Temple, Chandmari leh Sikulpuikawn te a mawi, veng dang pawh a mawi tho, mahse Mission veng in an chei mawi ber in ka hria, lawman pek hial tlak an ni, veng hausa leh pui zawk a ngaih, Dawrpui, Zarkawt, Venghlui etc in an veng an chei vak lo thung. 1. Kulikawn

Sunday, December 25, 2011

No Vehicle Day - Aizawl December 23, 2011

Finally reached Aizawl and have got a chance to spend Christmas here after a long time, the air is clear, crisp and cold, christmass music of the Jim Reeves type as well as local Mizo Christmas carols are in the air everywhere, there's an air of tension among the visitors trying to do last minute shopping. No vehicle day is on 23rd and 24th of December from Zodin to Chandmari west. Find below a few of the photos.
Merry Christmas & Happy New! 1. Dawrpui Street.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mizoram leh Income tax

Kan History zawng a thlir chuan , Mizo te hian tun hma atang in chhiah hi chu kan pe reng thin, kan Lal te hnenah. Kan rinna zawng a thlir chuan Bibul ah khan Josepha khan Aigupa lal hnenah khan tam lo tla tur in peih nan chhiah 1/5 an thawhchhuah kha Pharaoh a pe tur in a ti a nih kha (Gen 47:24)   

Mizoram ah hi chuan Direct tax  (eg -Income tax)  pe lo in, Indirect tax (eg: Sales tax,VAT)  kan pe mek a ni. Mizoram ah Income tax kan pe lo hi kan vannei khawp mai, kan tribal avang in income tax hi kan la pe lo.  Kan CM- Lalthanhawla sawi dan phei chuan tunah hian 5% kan state sum hman chauh hi kan tax ina cover pha a ni, Mizoram hi Central atang in tanpuina kan dawng hi kan vannei tak zet a ni, mahse hma zawn zel tur chuan tax kan la lak tam a, sum lam ah pawh kan hman dan leh kan khawl dan ah kan fimkhur a ngai dawn a ni.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tax Investment Planning (India)

Tax Investments Planning in India
It is again the time of the year when you have to make your investments or else your 2 months salary is going to be deducted. I thought I will just share how I have planned for my tax saving & some of the investing options that we have.  I am giving it a ranking based on 5 stars. You can add  your thoughts on how you invested below, the opinions given below are personal and investing plans may differ from person to person, you are free to comment below if you agree or disagree with my ratings.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

FDI Retail India rawn lut tur ka ngaihdan.

A hmasa in Retail lam ka thu ziah hi, retail leh fdi  lampang ka thiam vang emaw Congress ka tan vang emaw ziak ka ni lo a, ka experience atang a ka thil lo hriat leh ka hmuh ve dan atangin ka thil hmuh te ka rawn ziak zawk a ni e.

Thla Lak hi US a Retail chain lar, Target  leh Kolkat kawthler Sangha zuar a ni e. Target hi a fai in, Bazar a nuam hle, US a Retail chain lar tak a ni.  Sangha zawr na erawh hi chu Kolkat kawthler ni in, a hmun a thianghlim lo hle.

FDI Retail a rawn luh a company lian rawn lut tur te Carre four, Walmat te hi khawvel a company lian tak tak te an nia,  ram tan tangkai pui leh tangkai pui loh na tam tak te pawh a awm ang, a hmasa in FDI Retail tha ka tih na chhan te kan tarlang ang e.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

299th Calcutta Derby - East Bengal Vs Mohun Bagan

The title of your home pag The fans of Mohun Bagan are also  known as the 'Ghotis' while fans of East Bengal are called as 'Bangals'.

I could not follow the match as closely as I do on TV with all the festive atmosphere but a brief report of the  Match- Mohun Bagun got off to a good start,  Bareto created lot of chances, Sunil chhetri created a penalty which was converted by Odafa Okolie. Alan Gow and Robin Singh of East Bengal seemed to be missing the Presence of Tolgay, even though East Bengal players seemed to have a lot of chances, they failed to convert any goals. The lowlight of the evening was the 20 minutes powercut 5 minutes before the game ended.

1.  The Mohun Bagans in Maroon & Grey and East Bengal in White- What an electrifying crowd....Rockets , fireworks, crackers, flames and burnt torches inside the stadium....and non stop screaming, shouting, cursing, taunting & hollering inside the stadium by the young, old, sober & drunkard, it reminded me of the line from movie  Gladiator, where the trainer asked the gladiators, "Have you ever seen anything like that before? " enough said, now for some pictures.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


2004 - 3
2005 - 4
2006 – 5
2009- 4Review -( One observation that I have made here is that in last year’s India Today Issue, they had mentioned Mizoram was No.1 among the small states, whereas in this year’s edition it mentions that last year’s ranking was 4th. I have my own doubts how reliable this ranking is and doubts remain wheather rankings can be manipulated due to some interest.)
2010 –  Visiting USA
2011 – 8 – I still remain sceptical of the India today ranking of the states. The two economist who are doing the ranking Bibek Debroy and Laveesh Bhandari say that the format of ranking has been changed. Instead of  showing the actual ranking of state based on development indicators, they say that they are now doing ranking based on Improvement over the past years,  unlike previous years, they would want us to believe the improvements in ranking without showing us thenumbers and source of information for their ranking. The India today ranking of the states seems to me more like a paid news wherein rankings are adjusted based on the whims of the editor.  Let’s look below at Mizoram’s ranking compared to the previous years, Mizoram has never been ranked lower- 8th among the small states. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Aizawl Art Gallery Painting Exhibiton

Another Art exhibition that I visited while in Aizawl, the Aizawl Art Gallery Painting Exhibiton 2011 at Aijal Club.

1. Painting of Mizo Chheih lam

Friday, November 11, 2011

MAFA 2011 Exhibition Vanapa Hall

I was fortunate enough to visit MAFA (Mizoram Academy of Fine Arts) Painting Exhibition inside Vanapa Hall during my visit to Aizawl,  some of the photos that I clicked during my visit with their permission.
1. Typical Mizo Village Painting

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pachhunga University College Photo tour

Pachhunga University is a college which according to me can be said to be the Harvard of Mizoram, it's one of the topmost college in Mizoram with most of the Politicians, Church Leaders, Bureaucrats, Journalists, Sports people, famous singers alumini of this college. I do hope that one day this college does become a full fledged university with strong support from it's alumini & Mizoram University. As PUC has a very big green campus, I do hope someday that college's in unsuitable location with no parking and playground eg- T Romana College, will be unified with PUC. Even though I never attended this college, my aunt- Nu Awmpuii (RIP) worked in the principal's office and it was for this reason that I went down to the campus.

A small write up about the Pachhunga University college from their website
Pachhunga University College is the Constituent College of Mizoram University. Pachhunga University College  was awarded Grade ‘B’ with CGPA 0f 2.78 by National Assessment and Accreditation Council(NAAC). The college caters courses up to Honours level in 19 subject areas of Arts, Science and Commerce streams. The academic programme include, apart from effective class room teaching, two terminal exams, periodic class tests, seminars, assignments, remedial courses, field studies etc. One of the distinctive features of the college is its unique setting – a couple of kilometers down the hill away from the hub of the Aizawl Town is the sprawling 760 acres campus. Its lush-green vegetation, the result of 30yrs of nurturing the semi-isolation of the campus, wide-open space with luxuriant natural vegetation provide an excellent atmosphere of learning. Pachhunga University College also have two hostels for boys and girs with a maximum capicity of 100 each. The college also have Internet Resource Centre with wifi internet for the students and teachers. The college has been successively awarded “The best college in Mizoram” by the Mizoram Research Foundation. The college established in 1958 has celebrated their Golden Jubilee with immense joy and success in 2008.. The college currently have 84 teaching staff,  71 non-teaching staff and 25 technical staff

Photos of the campus:

1. Birds eye view of the campus

Aizawl close up

Aizawl kawthler thla lak thenkhat te 1. Chandmari .

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Zofa te Jerusalem, Aizawl

Aizawl has some of the most beautiful panoramic views, here are some of the photos below. If you are from Aizawl, try to identify your home, hope this reminds you of home.

1. View of Secreteriat and Chawnpui from Dawrpui Veng

Cock fight in Aizawl

Ar pa insual lai, Model veng ah ka tawng fuh hlauh mai a, thla lak tlem a zawng ka rawn post a nih hi.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Secreriat Complex, Aizawl

During my recent visit, went for a walk from Khatla to new Secreriat area, most of which used to be occupied by Assam rifles, a lot of Offices were under construction for several departments, I just took photos of a few building I saw during my walk, I do hope that more departments would be shifted here to reduce the traffic congestion in downtown Aizawl city.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Republic SDA Church, Aizawl

I went to Republic SDA church last week in Republic Veng or locality, got some excellent shots of exterior and interior of the Church. Aizawl is dotted with Churches like these every few 100 metres.

1. Exterior of Church at day time

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Aijal Club

Mizoram Painting Exhibition 2011 an neih ka tawng fuh a, a building thla lak tlem a zawng ka rawn tar lang, thla lak te chu nakin ah ka rawn tichhuak leh ang. Aijal Club Tennis Court bul

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vanapa Hall

It may seem trivial to some, but Vanapa Hall is the most important hall and centre of most meeting, be it religous revivial camps, rock concerts or government functions, a few photos of Vanapa Hall below. 1. Exterior of the building

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Durga Puja in Kolkata

Durga Puja, the biggest festival for Bengali Hindu's was held with gusto from 4th - 7th Oct with Gusto in Kolkata , lots of colorful Pandals adorned all the localities and clubs and they had competition among each other to outdo each other in terms of safety, decoration, theme etc. I must also mention that the early morning prayers made getting up late very difficult.

There was a sense of community among the people of Kolkata for those few days, also I noticed there were less beggers on the street, probably an outcome of free food in the Pandals. I just hope that they have this sense of community outreach, specially for weaker sections of society once a week to ease the ruthless life here in Kolkata.


Monday, September 26, 2011

East Bengal in Finals of Federation Cup

East Bengal Football Club is a Kolkata based club, among one of the big three, the others being Mohamadden and Mohun Bagan. They have a huge rivalry with the other two teams in Kolkata and have a faithful fan following. East Bengal website - East Bengal

Today's Match report - Khan Thang Paita 82nd minute strike helped Kingfisher East Bengal defeat Prayag United SC 2-1 in the second semifinal of the Federation Cup, at the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata. It was an Red and Gold brigade third successive entry in the Federation Cup Final. Alan Gow in the 37th minute and Paita in 82nd minute scored for the East Bengal while Snehasish Datta scored for Prayag in 16th minute.- aiff

It has been great to watch these matches so far, hailing from Mizoram it's good to see Mizo youth playing in big teams, yesterday I watched 4 Mizo guys playing for Shillong Lajong and today there were two of them, Malsawmtluanga playing for Prayag United as striker and Robert Lalthlamuana as defender for East Bengal. I felt the referee was not to fair in awarding the two penalties for Prayag United but I think those of you who saw the replays on TV will know better.

I also find it weird that some teams are being named after the sponsers, for Instance Prayag is the name of a company, there are a few other Football clubs with names of sponsor as the name of the club, some of them are Palian, HALL, ONGC, BEML & Air India,  I find it hard for me that someone would support a club named Air India, instead, why don't the sponsor follow the route of other clubs with passionate followers like East Bengal and Shillong Lajong where the name of the team is named after a geographical area and hence the fan following form that area. Air India for instance could instead name itself Delhi FC and sponsor the team instead of naming the Club Air India.

Find below a few of the pictures I took today:

1.Crowds cheer as the teams move in

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shillong Lajong Football Club in Salt Lake Stadium

I today watched Salgaokar beat Shillong Lajong 1-0 to reach the final of the of the 33rd Federation Cup. They defeated their bitter rival in a first semifinal match played at the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata. The solitary goal of the match was scored by the Goan striker Chidi Edeh in the injury time. - AIFF

Detailed report of the match at

I basically came to support Shillong Lajong Team - A team established in 1983 in Shillong, Meghalaya  In the local Khasi language Lajong translates to “our own”. Headquartered in Shillong, a.k.a. “The Scotland of the East”, Lajong has access to the largest student population in the North-East and hence the football talent right from a young age. Lajong is under professional management and has a strong fan base across the North-East, which is being actively developed. There were a lot of northeast fans in the stadium today. Below are a few of the pictures that I have taken today, enjoy.- SLFC Team website


Friday, September 23, 2011

Moral Education is the need of the hour in India not Lok Pal Bill

Moral Education is the need of the hour in India not Lok Pal Bill
I write this article in response to the movement of India Against Corruption,  while I do support in principle Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption, I do not believe a single legislative act will change much of the corruption that is happening in India.  In this article, I will be sharing a few of my experiences from living in different parts of India and my visit to other countries.

There is a feeling of resigned distaste of corruption that is happening in India, it’s rampant everywhere, the Politicians, the bureaucrats and  and police forces having a large part of the blame.  Recently, the assets of the Cabinet ministers of India was show, compared to their assets 5 years ago,  most of them had a unbelievable growth rate of assets of from 200% to 700%, the same kind of growth rate of wealth also happens among the different legislative assemblies of the country.  But I would not blame it only the politicians but what I feel is needed is moral education of students from schools onwards.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Watching Football at Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata

I visited today   largest stadium in the Indian sub-continent. It is currently used for football matches and athletics. The stadium was built in 1984 and holds 120,000  people in a three-tier configuration. The grass area is astroturf. The tract around is synthetic.

Today's match results - Kingfisher East Bengal scraped past Dempo SC one-nil to advance to the semifinal of the 33rd Federation Cup at the Sale Lake Stadium. Striker Robin Singh made the difference between the two teams in the 68th minute. The Red-and-Gold finished their engagements with seven points from three matches while Dempo stayed on three points from three matches.- AIFF

 A few of my observations of the stadium: - It was huge, well lighted and impressive, on the other hand I found out that most of the restrooms were not working well except for urination, lots of stray dogs inside the stadium, crowds peeing behind the stadium, ball boys peeing near the synthetic track was not very impressive either. But you could have a good view from all around the stadium. Below are a few of the photos of the stadium.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kolkata Mizo Inkhawm at Old Mission Church

Calcutta Mizo Inkhawm vawi tam tak inkhawm ka tum hnu ah ka hlawhtling ve hram, ka Inkhawm kal tum na lam ah Kolkata a an Building hlui leh ropui tak tak ka en kual nghal pa a, thla lak thenkhat pawh blog hmasa zawk ah a en theih ang. Inkhawm hun hi Sunday tlai dar 3 a ni.

Inkhawm kal dan awlsam ber tur chu, Mizo te hriat dan in, New Market
atang in Writers Building thleng ke in emaw taxi in kal u la,
chuta tang chuan Nepnawi zuar ho kha zawt U la, an lo hrilh tawh mai ang che u, St Andrews bul lawk a ni.

Benoy-Badal-Dinesh aka Dalhousie

Dalhousie is the old town or white town of Kolkata, also the center of power of the state as the Secretariat is located there along with major commercial establishments. The buildings have a magnificent antique monumental look as shown below.

1. Writers Building, seat of Bengal Government, Built in 1889DSCN5976

Thursday, June 30, 2011

One fine Morning in the Vegetable Market at Aizawl

One fine Morning in the Vegetable Market at Aizawl at 5:00 AM, the sun had come up, the market was crowded with people from the villages selling the vegetables that they had got with them from the villages. We, the Mizo's eat lots of green vegetables as shown below and we are healthy too from eating healthy food and climbing up and down the hills :-)
1. Vegetable Market early morning in AizawlDSCN5911-1

Quick tour of Aizawl

1. Mizoram Assembly House

West Bengal Countryside in Monsoon time

1. Train near the railway crossingDSCN5830-1

Kolkata BW - 3 In the Railway Station (Sealdah)

1. Sealdah Station - most crowded railway station in KolkataDSCN5806

Kolkata BW - 2 Monsoon

The 2nd part of my journey through the city of Joy continues. The population, the crowd overwhelms me sometimes, change is in the air, the monsoon has hit kolkata.

Let me start with the monsoon, the rain has started


Monday, May 30, 2011

Kolkata in B&W

After living in different metros of India like Gurgaon, Pune, Bangalore & Chennai, Kolkata seems to be living in the past, a relic of the bygone eras when the only cars were Fiat  Padmini & Ambassador Cars, the only Channel on TV was Doordarshan,  Kolkata has crumbling and creaking infrastructure in the Inner city, Salt lake and New town are upcoming modern built up areas of Kolkata. I have tried to include the images that I have seen, both old and new  in my daily travel through Kolkata.

Having seen the city of Kolkata and the little progress it has made, it sometimes make me wonder if this city is the city which has produced smart and intelligent people like Amartya Sen, Pranab Mukherjee, Amitav Ghosh, other famous professors, authors & artist. It has made me question if intelligence does not lead to more development and better quality of life, but then I think it's not fair to just blame the Bengali's but it may have more to do with Communist party of India (Marxist) being in power for so long in the state....

This building has got to be straight out of some period movie.

Different Faces of Kolkata

Kolkata is a city of Joy, a city of Poverty, a city of misgovernance by the communist party of India for more than 30 years, an overpopulated city with a rush of madness everywhere..... in spite of all these, it's also a city of contradiction, a city where people are ready to con you, and a city where people uphold their honesty, a city of civility and a city of rudeness. Find below some of the photos that I have clicked this month.

1. Kolkata

Friday, April 22, 2011

Of Elections in Tamil Nadu & West Bengal

I have the destiny or luck of witnessing the Elections of Both Tamil Nadu & West Bengal and I have thought that I would share a few of my Observations in my blog.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Jakoba  1:12
Thlemna tuar hram hramtu chu a eng a thawl e; fiaha a awm hnuin nunna lallukhum, Lalpan amah hmangaihtute hnena a tiam chu a hmu dawn si a.
Thelmna hi kan khawvel nun chhung chuan kan kaltlang ngei ngei tur, mi tin in kan kal tlang tehuh tur a ni a. Setana hian thil thalo ti tur in min thlem a piang in, kan kalsan tur a ni, kan kalsan apiang in Isua kan ang tial tial dawn a ni.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Spicer Memorial College Revisited 2011

Spicer Memorial College- is a Seventh-day Adventist institution of higher learning in Aundh, Pune, India. It is considered the church's flagship provider of higher education in India. The College campus sits on a seventy-four acre county estate with natural beauty and excellent farmland. It is bounded on the north by the Mula River and on the south by the sprawling campus of the University of Pune.
Previous post of Spicer College post can be viewed by clicking here
Spicer Facebook Group -   Spicer College Facebook
 Spicer College

Friday, January 21, 2011


I Went to Baltimore with my Friend Sunish Patrick to attend his American Citizenship swearing in Ceremony, here are some photos of Downtown Baltimore.

USA 162

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reston, Virginia

Reston is a planned downtown in Fairfax County, It's a very well organized town, something I always imagined how a downtown area should be, neat, clean, well organized with all necessary amenities.

Some photos of Downtown Reston

Reston, Virginia

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Explaining Manipur’s Breakdown and Mizoram’s Peace: the State and Identities in North East India

I was surprised coming across an article comparing Mizoram & Manipur's development & the role of peace researched by Hassam M Sajjad in London School of Economics, one of the best institutions in the world for studying Economics and Research. Please download from the link given below if you are interested in reading the whole article.-

I once had an interesting conversation with an International Aid consultant from Australia where we discussed about economic development and one thing he mentioned to me that really struck me was that "peace" is a pre requisite for development and I think we will find that to be very true. We can prove this by comparing just two states in India, Mizoram & Manipur.


Mizoram with the Highest Human Development in Northeast India

I came across this document which has been prepared by Delhi business Review in collobration with UNDP and I am very certain that this figures are right. With regards to Human Development Index, it basically deals with Literacy, Life expectancy & Living standard. It may come as a surprise to many that Mizoram tops the list, but to a certain extent, the reason that Mizoram has come out on top of the Human Development Index despite of proper infrastructure like Hydro Projects, Railway line, Industries, Factories, Medical & Engineering college because of the strong sense of community, the coming of Christianity and growth in literacy & awareness of healthy living practisce , the community action taken by Young Mizo Association, the strong check & balance against corruption taken by Church, the high level of urbanization due to grouping of villages during the MNF movement and many other factors.
Some of you may be surprised that big states like Assam do not come on top, but let's remember that Assam is a big state with lots of natural resource but much of the development work does not reach the urban & rural poor befitting it's size. It may also surprise some that Meghalaya does not have a very high development index, but Meghalaya is not Shillong, shillong maybe urbane & sophisticated but there is a huge gap between shillong & the other rural areas.