Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Maryland Mizo Thenkhat te

USA a state hrang hrang a Mizo Chhungkua (Family) awm zat, Mizo Society of America Mizo Directory 2010 a lan dan.
Arkansas 1
California 27
Colorado 4
District of Columbia 1
Florida 20
Georgia 15
Illinois 4
Indiana 35
Iowa 26
Kansas 2
Kentucky 5
Louisiana 1
Maryland 204
Massachsetts 4
Michigan 14
Minnesota 3
Missouri 1
New Jersey 3
New York 4
North Carolina 5
Ohio 3
Oklahama 2
Pennsylvania 10
South Carolina 1
Tennessee 3
Texas 15
Virginia 3
Washington 9
W Virginia 22
Wisconsin 2

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Border Trade- Lunglei to Chittagong

The other day, I was just googling google map and seeing the distance from Lunglei, Mizoram to Chittagong, Bangladesh & was surprised to see the distance that would have to be travelled, from the North of Mizoram to Tripura, a neighboring state and then enter Bangladesh to reach Chittagong, a total distance of 449 km whereas if you see below, the distance from Lunglei to Chittagong would be almost the same distance as Aizawl to Lunglei, which is around 160 km's.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Issue of Identity

In this blog, I would like to breadown the multiple issue of unity, diversity & identity & how it changes according to different circumstance & perspective.
Below are the different layers:

1. I lived in Aizawl, Mizoram but my identity within Aizawl was confined to where I stay - Vaivakawn, Dawrpui, Mission Veng etc & the Church where I attend - Presbyterian, Catholic, Baptist, Adventist etc. hence the rest of the people who do not live where I live & who do not attend church where I attend are them.

2. I move out of the state of Mizoram to go to a Boarding school in Northeast India in Shillong or Imphal & all the identity of being from a particular locality within Aizawl or from being the town of Aizawl, Lunglei, Lawngtlai or Saiha dissolve. We have fights & arguments with people from different states of Northeast India like Nagaland, Manipur, Meghalaya & we the "Mizo's" remain united in helping our fellow brothers from our own state.

3. For further studies I proceed to big cities of India like Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkota or Chennai and stay in a big Hostel, now that we are further away from Mizoram, a northeast state and less in number, we start hanging around with our brothers from the northeast like the Naga's, Manipuri's, Khasi's so that we can help and support each other, and yes there are still fights where we protect each other as well, we also develop the kinship of being brothers from the northeast and the small fights that we had in boarding school in northeast are forgotten now.

4. With regards to the different Churches that we had in Mizoram & Northeast for the Presbyterians, Catholics, Baptist & Adventist etc, we start to worship together, not only to Worship God but also to come together to bond together & support each other because we are less in number & have a feeling of community worshipping together.

5. If you live in India and are living in North Indian Cities, you are a chinky or a slant eyed person which would mean not only the northeast people but also people from Sikkim, Darjeeling & Nepal hence an outsider.
If you go down further south, you stop becoming a chinky but start becoming branded as a North Indian with the rest of the people from Maharashtra, Delhi, UP & Punjab.

6. If you move out of India into US, Europe, China or Japan, you are branded as just an Indian, It does not matter if you are the North, South, West or North East of India, you're just an Indian and Indian's from different states who would not normally mingle together try to help & support each other just because you are an Indian because you have a sense of brotherhood with that person just because you are from the same country.
In a heterogenous society like the New York, Los Angeles, London or Hong Kong it's easier to mingle with people of the diverse background of People from different parts of the world. But if you do travel to a Homogenous society like Africa, Middle America or Russia where people are more or less of the same ethnicity you again start sorting people who have similar background like you, if you are a British person travelling to India, you may find a French person easier to converse with due to european background, or if you are Chinese & you travel to Africa, you may find more in common with a person from Indonesia then with an African. Indians & Pakistani's could be at war but be peaceful neighbours abroad elsewhere, the same applies to the North & South Koreans, the Somalis and many other ethnic wars throughout the world.

Having written all these Hypothetical assumptions, I am very much aware that there are a lot of us who have broken down racial barriers & do not necessarily view or judge people according to racial or religous background but a lot of people in this world still identify themselves according to their racial & religious background to the extent that they develop mistrust & hatred for each other sometimes even leading to Wars. What would it take to have the whole World live as one brotherhood? An Attack from Mars? An Asteroid heading to Earth? Global Warming? A Giant disaster? Do we need a common enemy to be united or can we also be united without having a common enemy?

I can't answer it either, but just think about it :-) Have a good day/night!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Las Vegas was colder than I expected maybe because I visited there towards the end of the year, The Strip is packed with Huge Casinos & hotels with thousands of rooms, lot of Asian tourist probably from China & Japan were around too. The Las Vegas would probably have every kind of entertainment available & more. The one thing I can say about Sin city is that, the Devil won't have to try too hard here :-)


Los Angeles


California Mizo te

California Mizo te Thanksgiving hmang lai