Saturday, November 20, 2010

USA - my SWOT Analysis

I have been visiting USA for only a few months, I'm not an intellectual or a very good observer but I have been thinking of sharing my observations. I am using the SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Threat) tool that we have used so much in MBA classes in Business Schools.

One thing that truly makes America a great country is it's founding fathers philosophy of enlightenment and planning things so well with inputs from the best brains from the Old world at that time. They have looked back at history and incorporated the best values that they have learned from Histories of the great civilizations of the past starting from the Egyptian civilization, the Roman Empire, the Industrial Revolution, the French Revolution and so on.
Another aspect of what really drives America in the fore front is not it's Military Superpower, it's Skycrapers cities, it's excellent infrastructure of Roads, buildings & Bridges but it's Universities, almost each State has it's huge state Universities with almost 10,000 to 50,000 students besides the Ivy league Private Universities which drives this Nation in the forefront of Invention & Innovation and drives the world forward with new technologies which gives them the cutting edge not only in job creation but also making the world an easier place to live, be it in terms of new Medical technology, Satellite technology with NASA, Military technology in Pentagon, Government policies or Business Strategies, all these have been researched and studied by thousands of students guided by brilliant Professors from around the world. They also make sure that they get the best and the brightest from around the world by filtering them through entrance exams and providing incentives. If Education were to start failing in America, that would be the beginning of it's downfall because that's what drives the rest of the Country.

What surprised me when I first saw the roads in America were the traffic, big smooth roads with 5 lanes on each side with traffic bumper to bumper. The first thing that came to my mind was how much gasoline (petrol) would the whole country be consuming because according to statistics almost every american has a car, and it's truly impossible to move about without a car, so here we have a great Nation that is a slave to Petroleum. Which makes america a country that can be blackmailed by OPEC, specially the Middle east countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq & Iran, No wonder they give a lot of priority to Middle east because of it's importance as a source of black oil, but the country must be more cautious as more and more petroleum are being produced from not so friendly countries like Venezuela, Russia & Iran and it's having competition from other emerging economies like China, India & the rest of the fast growing developing countries around the world.

Having just mentioned about the weakness of America for oil, it would really help the country if it turned it's attention & resources towards development of technology for utilization of Alternative sources of energy like Wind, Solar & Fuel Cell energy which would help reduce it's heavy dependence on oil. America has to lead the world in terms of clean energy because the rest of the world aspires for American living standards but the available resources around the world may not be enough for it's upkeep.

Of concern to me is the way America is engaging with the developing countries, the Japanese, the British Empire & other European countries exploited the third world countries especially in Asia & Africa by exploiting their resources which still brings remorse to these countries, now these same European Countries engage with the poor developing countries by engaging with them in terms of Aids grants & Sanctions, but recently, China, an emerging power has started engaging with poor countries in Africa & Asia not with Aids grants & sanction but with Construction of Infrastructure like roads, power projects, hospitals, ports, airports, stadiums etc in return for procurement of raw material's like coal, oil, minerals for the countries growing consumption, this not only helps the developing countries become a slave to developed countries but it also helps them develop their Infrastructure for faster economic growth & better engagement with other countries of the world.


  1. I like the way you make the analysis! The strength of USA lies with their education,
    oil is their weakness, their opportunity includes making use of Alternative sources of energy. China seems to be their recent threats! WOW! I believe your analysis are fairly accurate!

  2. @ Maisek - ka lo ngaihtuah ve mai mai chu, Zoram lam ah te hian lekha zirna pui (University) ang te hi kan kohran lian- Presbyterian, Baptist, Adventist te hian tan ta se, ram dang atang in lekha zir tur in lo kal se, an zir zawh hnu ah sum dawn na tan ta se, kan ram hian kan tangkai pui viau ka ring.