Thursday, October 21, 2010

Seeing Elton John and Leon Russell perform live in Beacon Theatre, NYC

I was really lucky to see Elton John and Leon Russell promoting their new album the Union by performing live in Beacon Theatre, New York City for Good Morning America, Fall Concert Series. Here are a few photos and videos of the performance.

The Live Music Videos

Elton John with Leon Russell & ABC Anchors Robin Roberts and Sam Champion

Interior of Beacon Theatre

It has been a long day today, I am once again grateful to Mrs Florence for taking me to New York, we saw the advertisement for the show in Time square and went for the Concert to Beacon Theatre around 4:30 in the Morning and reached by 6:00 AM, Sir Elton John lived up to his reputation, Leon russell has a good voice and sang very well, both of them know their music and performed while playing the Piano, these guys know their music. It was unfortunate that I had not heard about Leon Russell but I am a big fan of his now too :-)


  1. En ve a va chakawm ve! Nice photos by the way...

  2. Sam khi a lang naupang khop mai, a upa ang reng asin. Ka rilru a ka rin angin tuai a lo ni a.