Friday, October 22, 2010

New York -3 : View From the Top of Rockefeller Center

These photos are taken from the Rockefeller Center 70 stories above New York City with a 360 degree view of the city,this building was constructed in 1930 here below are a few of the photos.

Panoramic view of NYC

View of Central Park from the Observation Deck, Central park was opened in 1857 and is 770 acres.

View of the Empire state building, completed in 1931 and the tallest building in the world for 40 years. The Tall white building to the right is the Bank of America tower, it is the 2nd tallest building in New York after Empire state building.

The white colored 45 degree tilted building to the left is the 59 storey headquarter of Citigroup completed in 1977. Towards the right back is the 72 storey Trump world tower,a residential complex.

Distinctly clear is the Met Life building, a 59 storey building completed in 1963, just behind it you can see the spire of Chrysler building, the 77 Storey bulding was completed in 1928. The Octagonal building towards the left is 383 Madison Avenue, headquarter of JP Morgan. It has 47 floors and was completed only in 2001.

The Green colored building towards the right is Bertelsmann building , a 42 storey building completed in 1990.

20 exhange place, the triple striped building is a 59 floor art deco building completed in 1931

These last 2 pics are shots I took of the street below to show the dizzying height of the buildings.

My gratitude to Florence for taking me to New York City.

It's like a jungle, out here
So much struggle, out here
And my dream's still unphased
Greed still the cousin of death
Always feels like always somethin farther time
In the Streets of New York

All I see is street homes
And who it's holdin, our people
Only comforts the brain
It's like I'm going insane
The revolution has to start, don't waste no time
In the Streets of New York

Oh, break the game
Just ain't the same
Baby loves and girls with no shame
Can't get away (get away), epidemic plague
Every hood in every state
Don't have no reasons cause relieve is hard to find
- Alicia Keys


  1. Avan hmuhnawm hlawm ve. Everything is BIG in America an tih hi a dik hmel :-)

  2. @ Sekibuhchhuak - a lo ropui khawp mai, building tam zawk hi 1930 vel khan an lo sa deih tawh, an lo advance khawp mai.

  3. Empire State Building chung atanga i thlalak rawn phawrh leh la, a nalh chungchuang bik ka ring!! An 1930 velah bldg ho khan kan lan neih pha mang lova India ah chuan, inthlau tak kan ni ringawt!

  4. New York khawpui chu an building a lian in a san hmel hlawm hle mai. I thlalak a fiah fai tha bawk si. Mit a tlai kher mai. America hi engah mah kan tluk lo, incheina ah chauh lo chuan.

  5. Wow! It really makes me feel dizzy! If I were you, I wouldn't be able to take such beautiful pictures coz my hands would be shaking too much as I suffer from Acrophobia!

  6. Awesome. NY city is immensely photogenic.