Monday, August 2, 2010

FMSCI Organized Motorcycle Racing Championship 2010 August 1

B Lalruatsanga did Mizoram proud again by Coming 2nd in 3 races and 3rd in one race.

CBF Stunner (Intermediate):

Race 1:
1. R Karthick 14:15.724s, 2.
2.B. Lalruatsanga 14:27.079s,
3. Aravind Ganesh 14:38.58
2s; Race 2:
1. A. Prabhu 14:12.323s,
2. M. Sudhakar 14:12.618s,
3. B. Lalrusatsanga 14:20.618s.

Yamaha R15 (Novice):
Race 1:

1. Sai Kishore 08:05.924s,
2. B. Lalruatsanga 08:06.016s,
3. G.R. Santhosh 8:07.757s;
Race 2:
1. G.R. Santhosh 8:02.063s,
2. S. Lalruatsanga 8:02.459s,
3. Deepak Papineni 8:05.018s .

Source: The Hindu Sports Page

With Lalruatsanga

The Fight to the Finish between Lalruatsanga & the Eventual winner No. 12, It was war out there on the race track with the roaring engine of the motorbikes.

Photos courtesy of Lalremruata Chhangte as my Camera battery had gone off :-(