Tuesday, June 8, 2010

FMSCI Organized Motorcycle Racing Championship 2010 in Sriperumbudur

Went to Sriperumbudur racing track to support & watch Lalawmpuia ( Photos 5&6) on June 6th. Below are some of the photos which I have taken.

1. Sriperumbudur Race Track Map

2. Signals for race track drivers.

3. Get set Go - Chequered Flag

4. Vroom vroom - bikes on the run

5. The Roar of the bikes ....

5&6- Mizo Driver Lalawmpuia - top bike driver who came all the way from Mizoram to participate in the race. He was 20th in the 1st round, moved up to 13th second round and was 9th in the Finals for Yamaha Novice class, he could have done better but ran wide. He was accompanied by his Mentor Vanlalmuana, am sure with their participation they will open the flood gates of opportunity for other mizo & northeastern youth to participate in Bike races.

7. Rounding a corner.

8. Superbike - It was good to hear the roar of this bikes at full throttle.

9. Bikes from Honda Stable.

10. Bikes from Yamaha Stable

11. Race watching towers in Sriperumbudur race track.


  1. Dear Tluanga,
    Was wondering if we could use some of your photos and stories for Mizoram Express dot com.

    Ka lawm e.

  2. Hmuhnawm hmel hle mai. La kal ve tur a nih hi.

  3. Mizo kan tel pha ve hrim hrim te hi a bawn e.

  4. WOW!! Nice... :-) One more achievement.... nice to hear...

  5. @ Tetea - July hian 3 vel an rawn kal belh dawn an ti, an tlan leh hun chu ka rawn hrilh tawh ang che u.

  6. Hma sawn zel turin kaduh sak na ka hlan e..