Saturday, March 27, 2010

Arty things that I saw on East Coast Road, Mahabilipuram

Recently had a workshop by our NGO in East Coast Road, near Chennai, I took a few photos on the campus of Creneo between these meetings.


  1. dont you just love that place every time i visit pondi i go there :) nice pics:)

  2. Hey, eng NGO ah nge i thawh a? tunah hian Pondicherry Univ ah M.Sc Sustainable Development 1st yr ka zir mek a.....Summer project neih na tur hi ka buai deuh a....!! hetiang lam issues ah thawk Zoram lam NGO te i se mial lo maw?Manipur World Vision khian Area Devp project an nei a, mahse biak an harsa lutuk...

    Sustainable rural livelihood ah project neih ka tum deuh a... ah i thurawn ka lo nghak e