Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vehicles of Heads of State

Cadillac 1 (The Beast)- US President Barack Obama

Pope mobile Pope

Mercedes S Class (Hippo)- Russian President Medvedev

Zil 41047 Russia (USSR President)

Renault Vel Satis France President Sarkozy

Jaguar XJ British PM Gordon Brown

Bentley British Queen Elizabeth

FAW Hongqi Chinese President Hu Jintao

Maserati Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

Maybach 57-S Spain King Juan Carlos

TOYOTA CENTURY ROYAL Japan Emperor Akihito

Rolls Royce - Sultan of Brunei

Holden Caprice Australia PM–Kevin Rudd

BMW 7 India PM Manmohan Singh

Mercedes Benz S Class German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Proton Perdana - Malaysian PM

Ford Fusion- Brazil President

Lexus LS600hl - President of Iceland

Skoda Superb- Czech Republic Prime Minister

Rolls Royce - President of Zimbabwe Mugabe

Toyota Crown - Chairman of the State, Myanmar Than Shwe

Saroukh el-Jamahiriya (Libyan rocket) Car Invented by Libyan President Gadafi

Toyota Altis -Mizoram Chief Minister


  1. Rolls Royce - Sultan of Brunei!! We get it.. you're abso-f***ing-lutely filthy rich!!
    Nice compilation!!
    BTW, thought our CM had a Grand Vitara, looks way better than that!

  2. all that glitter is not a gold!...!Jonga recondition ngei mai a sam thur fua khawp a han tour vel kha nuam ber mai.

  3. Nice pictures! The Italian car pictured is a Lancia. The President rides in a Lancia; the Prime Minister in a Maserati. Here are the cars of all 196 world leaders:

  4. Nice one! Mizo chief minister car kha tha ber a nih kha ;)

  5. VIP car chu atawp ber ami chiah khi a ni!!
    VIP light nei chhun!:))

  6. Angela Merkel had an armored Audi A8. The Mercedes Pullmann is only for State Visits. Then the Goverment rent the pullman by Mercedes-Benz

  7. The Emperor of Japan's name is Akihito and not Hirohito, The PM of Malaysia rides on a Proton Perdana, not a Waja

  8. @ Anonymous - have made the changes for Jpan Emperor & Malaysian PM, I think the German Vice Chancellor uses Audi & Mercedes.

  9. The Emperor of Japan's vehicle is "TOYOTA CENTURY ROYAL" which is the best and the most expensive model from TOYOTA, it's not CROWN.

  10. The comment stated above is also from me and there's one more thing ... The Chairman of the State (Myanmar), Senior General Than Shwe's vehicle is not "MERCEDES BENZ S Class" ... It is "TOYOTA CROWN", it can be confirmed by the badge on the front grille of the vehicle ... That vehicle has been mentioned as a MERCEDES in other similar webpages too which is incorrect ... Hope this helps, Cheers!

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  12. The following excerpt is wrong
    "Mercedes Benz S Class - Chairman of the State, Myanmar Than Shwe" that is Toyota Crown not a S Class

  13. @ Anonymous - Emperor of Japan care has been changed from Crown to Royal.
    @ Anonymous & Ye Wunna Aye- have made the changes to Toyota Crown.

  14. The Malaysian PM official car is the Proton Perdana Limousine. The picture shows a Proton Waja Limousine, a different model.

  15. Italy's car is wrong: you depict a small Lancia car. Berlusconi uses mainly black AUDI 8, as most right wing leaders, left wing leaders use grey 7 series BMW. The only one with a fixed cerimonial car is the Head of State which now uses a Maserati.