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According to India today Sept 28th Special Issue.

2004 - 3

2005 - 4

2006 – 5

2007 – 5 Review

2008- 1 Review

2009 – 4 ( One observation that I have made here is that in last year’s India Today Issue, they had mentioned Mizoram was No.1 among the small states, whereas in this year’s edition it mentions that last year’s ranking was 4th. I have my own doubts how reliable this ranking is and doubts remain wheather rankings can be manipulated due to some interest.)


The Ranking for Agriculture was 6th in 2004,8th in 2005, 6th in 2006 and 8th in 2007 ,7th in 2008, The ranking this year is 6th.

Mizoram Agriculture Website

From what information that I have, Mizoram is also affected by the Drought due to less rain but effects of Mautam (Bamboo Flowering) has lessened so agricultural inputs could be much better than before.


The Ranking for Health in Mizoram for 2004 and 2005 was 1st but 6th in 2006 and 5th in 2007 & 2008 but 3rd in 2009

Mizoram Health Department Website

It has been a relief for the Mizo people that the Government has changed in Mizoram. There had been a lot of controversy and allegations of Corruption again the former Health Minister. Efforts are being made to make right the mistakes that have been done in the past ten years, however Hygiene awareness in strong among the mizo’s on account of their high literacy, more access to drinking water and low infant mortality rates could have helped Mizoram in it’s ranking but Mizoram as a state still does not have it’s own Medical College.


The ranking for Investmentin 2004 was 1st, 3rd in 2005, 7th in 2006 and 6th in 2007, 1st in 2008 & 8th in 2009.

I would say that Mizoram’s ranking of 8th is more realistic with no worthwhile Investment being made by any corporate sector but I still find it hard to believe Mizoram was ranked No. 1 in 2008 above Goa & Delhi, States with Multi National Corporates.

Mizoram Investment Promotion Website


From 2004 -2006 Mizoram has consistently ranked 2nd but in 2007 it has ranked first, but has gone down to 2nd in 2008, the ranking has further reduced to 3rd now in 2009. Mizoram now tops Literacy level in the whole country with 82.9% literacy, 83 per cent of children over 10 years of age have completed their education. But sadly enough there’s very bad scope for good quality education in Mizoram at higher level's as it does not even have a single Engineering, Dental or Medical College in the whole state. Rote learning in quite popular in Mizoram, there is a need for quality education instead of mass literacy that Mizoram has.

On a brighter note, NIT (National Institute of Technology) and IIMC ( Indian Institute of Mass Communication) are scheduled to be opened in Mizoram as it has been approved by the Central Government, this would be a big boon for the youth in Mizoram, However the need for a Medical College persist.

Mizoram School Education Website

Mizoram Government Press Release on Mizoram being First in Primary Education


In terms of Infrastructure, Mizoram has consistently ranked 4th from 2004 till 2008, this year it’s ranking has improved to 3rd position. The ranking could have improved because the World Bank Road connecting Aizawl to Lunglei through Thenzawl is scheduled to be opened this year, the quality of construction and road is much better than PWD roads and is also a shorter route reducing travel time by atleast 3 hours.

Another observation that I made during a trip to Mizoram was that PMGSY (Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana) was being actually implemented and pucca roads as well as metal roads were being constructed connecting villages which were cut off from the Main road. The quality of road is another matter but as a friend from Assam had mentioned to me, in Mizoram you actually build the roads, so that’s good improvement I guess.

Mizoram Rural Development Website - Mizorural


Again a consistent 5th from 2004 till 2008 , it’s ranking has climbed to 4th this year. Basically a parameter for measuring Per capita ownership of TV, 2 wheeler. Telephone. On the whole, per capita ownership of consumer material is high in Mizoram. According to Times of India 89% of the population is believed to have mobile telephones. Vehicle ownership is also high, one of the major problems that Aizawl is having is traffic jams caused due to increased vehicular traffic and also due to the narrow roads. Mizoram maybe a good consumer market due to high fashion sense among them but deposits in Banks taken as an average may not be very high.


2nd Consistently from 2004 to 2006 but has fallen to 4th had gone up to 1st in 2008, again 2nd in 2009. The lower ranking could be on account of higher inmates in jail on account of Prohibition in Mizoram however Mizoram as a state is relatively peaceful with no Insurgency activities within the state.

Mizoram also has the highest strength of policement with 358 cops per lakh/ population. Most criminal cases are easily solved because of the small population as well as community policing. Kidnapping, Murder and rape occur but not very often.

Home Department Website

Mizoram Police Department Website


A very consistent ranking of 5th from 2004 till 2007 had gone up to 4th in 2008, the ranking comes down to 5th again 2009. – basically measuring urbanization and GDP of state. The ranking could be attributed to increase in Urbanization which stands at 51%, 4th in India. The increased rate of Urbanization was due to forced migration of people during Insurgency period of Mizoram National Front, a separatist group. The Indian Govt Forced people to live together for easier Administration. The increased rate of urbanization has helped the state as acess to Infrastructure is easier as well as more jobs available due to specialization of skills.


Mizoram Per Capita Income – Rs 27,733 - Highest in Northeast India ( Rs 22,207 According to Sampark.nic.in)

Mizoram Sex Ratio -892 ( 935 in 2001 as in Census India)

Mizoram Human Development Index - 0.548, 7th in India & highest in Northeast India according to UNDP India.

Mizoram Poverty ratio - 9.5% (Most of the northeastern states have ratio of 20% and higher) Poverty ratio of Assam is used for Mizoram -16.5%, in most cases by the Planning commission.)


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  3. investment chungchang hi mak ti an tam viau a, nikum emawni ah khan prof lianchhunga emawni political science prof interview tawite kha ka lo chhiar a,mak ka ti ang reng khawp mai. Kei ka lo ngaih ve dan chuan Mizoram a natural resource rawn huih vak thei chi corporation te investment laka invenna mechanism ka neih lohna lai hi investment environment tha kan nihna niin ka ngai a. Congo te, Venezuela (pre-Chavez era), leh Bolivia (pre-morales) ang te pawh han en mai chuan natural resource an neih bak engmah investment environment tha ti a han sawina tur a awmlo. Chuvang chuan natural resource (bamboo tiam lohin) hui tur a awm emawni chu aw te ka ti mai2. Tunhnaiah oil zawn chungchang te kha ka lo chhiar a, kei investment environment tha tih hian natural resource corporation te tana huihna chance tha tihna a kawk zawk riauin ka hria. Awm vaih se chuan sorkar leh mipuiin a short term benefit ringawt kan en ang a,a long term ah kan tuar phah ngei ka ring.

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  5. Engemaw tilai atang khan financial investment hi mizo ten kan uar ve ta viau a(investment rintlak a nih leh nih loh chu thudang).Production lam hawi zawng a investment kan uar hret2 hi a trul in ka hria.Eng eng emaw ranking ah hian sang viau thin mah ila,a tak ram a kan state economy dinhmun hrechiang ber tu chu Mizo te kan ni,a lungawi thlak loh hle rih a ni.Hnahlan winery te khi kan ram hmel hmang tidang lam thei leh employment generate thei an ni.Foreign a export kher lo pawh in domestic market a hmun thra tak luah thei tur an ni.Heng ang chi te hi atthlak tak a do do lo in trangkai tak a hman i tum ang u.Zawi zawi a kan hnam din chhuah nan.

  6. @ Edward - I thu rawn ziah chu ka tawmpui khawp mai che, corporate ho in sum an rawn invest a, an profit kan share ve theih chuan si loh chuan, awmzia a awm vak in ka ring lo, Mizoram ah pawh oil pawh lo hmu teh reng pawh ni se, mi tlem te ringawt a benefit chuan, Nigeria te ang in kan ram a rethei tho ang a, oil vang a buaina te kan nei tam zawk ang tih pawh a hlauhawm ka ti.

    @ anonymous - Investment kan tih reng reng hian, kan sum invest hi eng ah nge an invest leh a business model kan hriat chian hi a pawimawh in ka hria. Bible ah pawh "in thawhrah chu in ei ang" a tih ang khan, sum invest ringawt a, engtia invest nge pawh hre lo va, returns sang deuh deuh beisei hi chu a mifing tih chi vak a ka ngai lo, kei chu.

  7. A thu hi chuan thra thei thrak thrak tak mawle!state ranking-2009 te pawh khi!pathian thu te pawh aw chhang truak a kan sawi a,a tak ram a kan duap leh tlat thrin ang hi a ni mai ang ah!"India today" ziah zawng hi Luka ziak ang mai a pawm duak2 chi ah pawh ka ngai meuh lo.