Friday, July 10, 2009

Aizawl at Night

1.Eastern Aizawl Panoramic Photos (Night time) DSCN2292 Stitch-1 2.Western Aizawl view at night- 1, stitched together 3 photos but unlike the other daylight photos I have stitched together, the borderlines do not show. I have added a bit of glow and improved the contrast. Family getogether3 3.Western Aizawl view at night- 2 Family getogether2 4. Dawrpui Vengthar, Dinthar, Tuikual view- Single photo which I took at night using the night landscape view. DSCN1729-1 5.
6. Beautiful Eye View of Aizawl taken from Zemabawk - Aizawl looks like a sparkling necklace as seen from here.

7. Beautiful Glowing hills, the glowing mountain is Ramhlun Veng

8. Looks to me more like a starry sky scraper.


10. The Other end of the hills - Zemabawk as seen from here is where these photos were taken.


  1. Tunlai chu Aizawl kan fang a ni ber a, a manhla hle mai. Mawi leh hlawm khawp mai...

  2. First Pic ah khian Assam Rifles area khi a lang chiang khawp mai! :) Khilai khi a ni lawmni, Aiduzawl an tih na chhan pawh kha?

  3. @ Illusionaire - Chaltlang chu a lang toh mai thei a sin, mahse a thim deuh hlek in ka hria :-)

  4. Khawi nge kan veng ve.. lol.. nalh hlom thruai2 khawp mai.

  5. Night photograph mawi tak an ni e