Monday, June 1, 2009

A Virtual Tour of Aizawl City in B & W

1. Most of the houses & buildings are perched dangerously at the edges of road in Aizawl

2. The Civil Hospital in Aizawl, the main place for Medicare in the City

3. Millennium Centre- an upscale shopping center in the City

4. Aizawl Taxi Stand in Dawrpui Veng

5. On the way to Zarkawt Traffic Point

6. Zarkawt - one of the main places where the big business are located.

7. Chandmari - Traffic Point

8. On the way to Ramhlun Veng

9. Sikulpui kawn- one of the more prominent landmarks with walkover flyovers.

10. The road leading down to Mission Veng

11. Traffic snailing past Solomon's Cave

12. Traffic Point near the Salvation Army Temple Corps

13. Taxi Stands- most of the taxis are Maruti Suzuki cars.

14. Assam Rifles - Army Headquarters


  1. You are smart, haaaa! Black and white in i la a, color a lak ai chuan a lang thianghlim in leh a mawi a. A zah pui awm lo deuh alawm.

  2. Kan veng chaltlang i la ve lo :-(

    oh wait, I forgot. Silly me, Chaltlang te chu khua dang a nih tak e :D

  3. :-) tih leh hun ah ka lo la tawh ang.

  4. A va nalh hlawm ve Tluang... Kan fang tak tak a lawm le:)

  5. a mal te te in ka save... a lunglen thlak hle mai.

  6. @ Faka - lo fang zel rawh, ka la rawn post zel ang e :-)
    @ Joseph - lo save zel rawh, ka rawn post belh thuai ang.

  7. thlalak chu nei tha hlawm khawp mai a, la thiam hle mai bawk. Chaltlang khua chu tih leh hun chuan han la ve ngei teh aw.. :)

  8. #10 ah khian kan in a lang! Lung a va ti leng ve...