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Mizo National Front

In 1959, Mizo Hills was devastated by a great famine known in Mizo history as ' Mautam ' . The cause of the famine was attributed to flowering of bamboos which consequent resulted in rat population boom in large numbers. After eating up bamboos seeds, the rats turned towards crops and infested the huts and houses and became a plaque to the Villages. The havoc created by the rats was terrible and very little of the grain was harvested. For sustenance, many Mizos had to collect roots and leaves from the jungles while a considerable number died of starvation. Earlier in 1955, Mizo Cultural Society was formed in 1955 and Laldenga was its Secretary. In March 1960, the name of the Mizo Cultural Society was changed to ' Mautam front' During the famine of 1959-1960, this society took lead in demanding relief and managed to attract the attention of all sections of the people. In September 1960, the Society adopted the name of Mizo National Famine Front (MNFF). The MNFF gained considerable popularity as a large number of Mizo Youth assisted in transporting rice and other essential commodities to interior villages.
Underground Movement
The Mizo National Famine Front, which was originally formed to help ease the immense sufferings of the people during the severe Mautam Famine in Mizoram, was converted into Mizo National Front (MNF) on October 22, 1961. The ways in which the authority of the day handled the famine left the people disillusioned. The wave of secessionist and armed insurrection was running high among the Mizos. The secessionist movement held on for about two decades.
Peace Settlement
This chapter of insurgency finally came to a close with the signing of the Mizoram Peace Accord on June 30, 1986 between the underground government of the Mizo National Front and the Government of India. Under the terms of the peace accord, Mizoram was granted statehood in February 1987. Laldenga became Chief Minister, but soon lost power due to defections in the party.
Party President: Zoramthanga
Electoral History MLA Vote %
1986 to 1987 NA NA
1987 to 1988 24 43.31%
1998 to 2003 21 24.90%
2003 to 2008 21 31.69%
2008 to 3 7.5% (Worst Record for MNF)
Advantages: It has a very strong support base and they have started lots of populist policies recently like distribution of rice at a subsidized rate as well as the State Health Insurance Scheme which has taken off recently. Increased road and Infrastructure projects were completed.
Disadvantages: MNF party already have the Incumbency factored against them. Added to that some of the ministers have lots of corruption allegations against them, also some of the Ministers are said to be not competent enough to handle their respective portfolios.
Mizoram Election 2013 MNF Candidates with MPC and MDF:

No. Constituency    
1 Aizawl South 1 RK Lianzuala MNF
2 Aizawl South 2 R Tlanghmingthanga MNF
3 Aizawl South 3 Tawnluia  MNF
4 Aizawl North 1 Vanlalhlana MPC
5 Aizawl North 2 Lalthanliana MPC
6 Aizawl North 3 Lalchhandama Ralte MNF
7 Aizawl East 1 Lalhmangaiha Sailo MPC
8 Aizawl East 2 Sailothanga Sailo MNF
9 Aizawl West 1 K. Sangthuama MNF
10 Aizawl West 2 Lalruatkima MNF
11 Aizawl West 3 Vanlalzawma MNF
12 Serlui Lalhmingliana MNF
13 Tuivawl Gogo Lalremtluanga MNF
14 Chalfilh LT Kima Fanai MPC
15 Tawi Lalmalsawmi MNF
16 Dampa Liansuama MNF
17 Hachhek Saikapthianga MNF
18 Mamit HB Lianmunga MNF
19 Tuirial Dr Kenneth Chawngliana MPC
20 Kolasib Lalchamliana  MNF
21 Lengteng L Thangmawia MNF
22 Tuichang Dr. Lallungmuana MNF
23 Champhai North TC Kaphmingthanga MNF
24 Champhai South Rosaiamngheta MPC
25 East Tuipui Zoramthanga MNF
26 Serchhip C Lalramzauva MNF
27 Tuikum Lalrinawma MNF
28 Hrangturzo Lalthansanga MPC
29 South Tuipui ZH Ropuia MNF
30 Lunglei North Dr K Vanlallawma MNF
31 Lunglei South Dr K Pachhunga MNF
32 Lunglei East Lalrinzuala MPC
33 Lunglei West Dr. R Lalthangliana  MNF
34 Thorang Joseph Lalzawmliana MNF
35 West Tuipui Priti Ranjan Chakma MNF
36 Tuichawng RM Chakma MNF
37 Lawngtlai West C Ramhluna MNF
38 Lawngtlai East Vanhupa Zathang MNF
39 Saiha Dr K Beichhua MNF
40 Palak PP Thawla BA MDF


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