Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chin Hills Myanmar Mautam Famine Tree Trunks for Food

A source of food on which they depended is a kind of tree in thick forest called Tung/Bakô. The stem of the tree inside is sweet in taste. 

They cut down and took it making slices to dry in sunshine. 

They grinded into powder after which the powder is mixed with few rice and cooked for food.

This kind of tree is to be found only in thick forest that people had to spend a lot of time to take. Days and months were counted for the new babes and children who could not serve the rough food. Similarly today, the people of many villages in Chinland especially from Maraland and Khumi area have started searching for yams and trees (Tung/Bakô) for surviving of their daily life. The population today seems to increase double than that of fifty years back famine. The yams and trees might not be enough to feed the people for times. On 27th of December 2007, two Khumi women of Tuiking Along village (on Daletmay River) who searched for paddy to other village met the two robbers on their way home frightened them saying, ‘If you love your life save, leave your tins of paddy there”. At the same time the two women ran off leaving the two tins of paddy which had been taken by the robbers. Mrs. Khothlei Ralcin, a nurse from Paletwa Civil Hospital who recently visited Mizoram said, “The robbers were said to be the men who also were searching for food. I believe this is the only beginning. There will be more and more robbery and stealing for the people those who do not have money at all.”

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  1. Was really hitting hard. Hope and pray for HELP for the sufferings. We have also started a movement against mautam [mautaam]you may kindly check out at