Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Trading Animals for Food due to Mautam Famine in Chin Hills

On 6th.January, 2008 Chauzeipaw of Sabypi village arrived to Saiha (Mizoram) bringing a baby-bear to change with rice. He eventually sold it for Rs. 2000.00 and bought 1.5 quintals of rice for his families survival. He said, “The rice should not be consumed only by our family because there are many people who are empty handed and wandering for rice. It is impossible to reject the one who would come to ask for rice with tears. Children are mostly pitiful who only know their thirst and hunger and ask something to eat to their parents”.

On 16th.January 2008, a group of Locheita villagers led by a religious leader Rev. C.Sama (62 years) and a prominent leader Thlachei Zawtha (70 years) arrived to Saiha bringing one buffalo to give to any church in Saiha town that could help them to solve their food problem hoping even for a month. Rev. C.Sama said, “We are restless, wondering for our people whom we leave at home having nothing to cook at all.” By the sympathy and humanitarian aid of College Veng Local Church of Evangelical Church of Maraland, Saiha, Mizoram State, India, the Locheita villagers were given 21.5 quintals (2150Kg.) of rice. Locheita village is about 150Km far from Saiha that for transportation of rice up to Chakhei village they still have to spend Rs.3500.00.  They have to carry the rice themselves on barefoot as there is no proper road.

            The population of Locheita village is 710. One person can survive for a month with 18Kg of Rice. If 2150Kg of Rice is to be shared among all, each one of them will get 3Kg of Rice, which will be sufficient only for 5 days. 

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