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National Family Health Survey - Mizoram

Key Findings of Mizoram National Family Health Survey


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Orissa on Fire

The state of Orissa is on fire since August 23, 2008.  Mobs allegedly
comprising activists of BJP, VHP, Bajrang Dal and RSS have killed several
people and attacked scores of churches across the state since
Monday August
25, 2008

The violence was triggered by the murder of Swami Laxmanand Saraswati, a
senior VHP leader and four of his disciples on Saturday midnight while he
was in the restroom in Kandhamal district.  The Swami was the face of the
Sangh Parivar's tribal conversion program.  The Maoists have claimed
responsibility for the killings of the Swami and his four disciples. The
Sangh Parivar alleges that Christian groups are behind the killings.

 In January 1999, the world was shocked when Bajrang Dal activists led by
Dara Singh (who was convicted in 2003) burnt to death Australian Missionary
Graham Staines and his two sons as they slept.  Since then the Christians in
the state of Orissa have been under attack. The Hindu groups have been disturbed by the progress of the Christian church and have resorted to violent methods to curb this 'conversion' wave. The state saw large scale violence during the last Christmas season of 2007. Hindutva and Christian
groups were at each other's throats.  On the night of
December 24, 2007
about three hundred people were killed and injured while they were
participating in a Christmas celebration in Phulbani district.

Brhamanigaon Village
 In Brhamanigaon, 60 kms from Phulbani District, meetings were conducted
in the month of November 2007. The VHP mob followed them and asked
one of the old ladies as to why she was a Christian, what the Christians
were doing for her.  She was asked to join the Hindu faith. The mob assured her they would do many things for her. She said, "I am a Christian, I love my Jesus Christ, He is the living God and a Savior of the world."  The frenzied mob chopped her head off. In the same place three other men were killed.

After August 25, five people, including a paralyzed man and a 20-year
old girl who was an assistant in the orphanage, were burnt to death.  The
others died of asphyxia when their village huts were torched and destroyed.
Churches were set on fire.  As saffron activists sought to impose their state-wide shut down, thousands of vehicles were damaged and hundreds set ablaze.  The life in the following districts-Phulbani, Malkangiri, Koraput, Kandhamal, Dhenkanal, Rayagada, Nuaparha and Mayurbhanj were brought to a standstill and the state virtually brought to its knees.  It appeared that the Hindutva fanatics-BJP, VHP, RSS and Bajrang Dal had obtained the license to create mayhem.

Divijan Sodangi aged 40 working in Dhenkanel since 1990.  He resides on
the third floor of a rented house.  A group of young people of Bajrang Dal
entered his house at
9:00 am.  The group caught hold of him and threw him
into the fire.  Somehow he slipped off their hands and ran into the nearby
houses and then into the forest.  By then the police came and rescued him. The mob in their fit of anger that they were unable to kill Divijan came out
and burnt the motorcycle and threw all his belongings out.  Divijan returned to his house after two days.  The police has advised him to leave the place along with his family.


Reports of burning of churches and prayer halls and heavy losses of
humanity occurred at Nuagaon, Barkhama, Udayagiri, Phiringla, Baliguda,
Tikabali, and Raikia poured in and hundreds of houses were burnt.

Death of Samuel Naik: August 26, 2008.
  Samuel Naik aged 48 years, working as a volunteer for a Church in Orissa  since 1990 in Bakingia, Phulbani District.   A group of people entered Samuel Naik's house at
12 noon and threatened him.  While Samuel defended the church, one person from the mob cut his throat and raped his wife (she ran away to the jungle later on).  We do not have any information about his children. Romani Naik (mother of Samuel Naik) At 4:00 pm, after the afternoon's incidents, the VHP mob once again entered the house of Samuel Naik.  At that time several people were offering prayers.  By seeing the mob the members ran into the forest to save their lives.  The mother of Samuel Naik who was in her seventies could not run. They caught her and burned her alive in the house.  While she was in flames, the belongings in the house caught fire. The dead bodies were lying in the village for 5 days.  There was no one to claim the bodies or to touch the bodies.  The villagers dragged the bodies to a side in the morning hours of August 30, 2008 and cremated the bodies. The ashes of the bodies were handed over to the police station.  The police brought the ashes to the house of Samuel Naik.  While they were handing over the ashes to Mrs. Samuel Naik, she was emotionalized and ran into her room and hanged herself from the fan.

Source: Email from Friends with Concern for Orissa Victims. Let's Pray for Orissa so that they may lead a normal life.

I searched the  Internet and here some of things that they have to say about the origin of the voilence from a different view point.

Banish foreign agents from Bharat
Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati was well known as a crusader against the missionary activities in Orissa for decades. Therefore, he was attacked by Christian goons 10 times in the past. Recently he was attacked and injured by missionaries on
December 24, 2007 and one of his disciples was also injured by the Christian attackers on July 8, 2008. But the state government did precious little to save the life of this 84-year-old Swami. He was not provided with adequate security even after his repeated request to the government for the same. According to his followers like Shri Kabichandra Nath, Swamiji himself and his followers had lodged at least a dozen complaints regarding the lack of security of his ashram. Swamiji also at different times gave hints even in press conferences in the state capital regarding threats to his life and demanded a quick action against the Christian terrorists who were after his life. The state government did not take any prompt step to save Swamiji. All that government did, was providing the deployment of one police constable and two home guards having only lathis in their hands. In the previous 10 attacks, he escaped fortunately but this time his foes succeeded in killing him. On that fateful night, Swamiji had returned from Cuttack after attending a rally over the Amarnath issue and was preparing to perform his puja. Prior to four days of this incident, Swamiji had received a threatening letter by post in which he was informed that his ashram was going to be attacked and he would be kidnapped shortly. After receiving this letter, Swamiji’s disciple, the late Mata Bhaktimayee lodged an FIR in Tumudibandh Police Station regarding the same and requested for additional security. But the police did nothing on the FIR. The police knew it better that Swamiji was at gunpoint and his ashram is not very far from Brahmanigaon, Daring Badi—the centre of the missionary activities in Kandhamal district.
Source: hindavakarelam
Also here are some excerpts of Christian Perception by Hindu Fundamentalist.
America is funding  Christian militants in India,  like they had done to the Talibans.  This is with the aim to create Christian nations in India by dismembering it.  American President, got elect with the help of Christian fanatics  who distributed funds from White House.  Millions of dollars flow to  Christian missionaries  and  Christian NGOs in India.  The seriousness of this situation can be gauged  from the fact that  Christians run most of the 4,000 NGOs in India  and most of them are involved in  misinformation and conversion activities. 
Christian fundamentalism  with its funding from the United States,
 is orchestrated with enormous guile, secrecy,  corporate skill, and is gradually bent on disintegrating India. 
America is worse than  the Saudi Arabian Islamic fundamentalist.  America propagates fundamentalism himself,  and is building it into the American machinery.  Missionary activities are tied in with dubious social work.  Christian bigotry and colossal conversion efforts  are destroying our nation.
A question now arises within me that if these voilence and hatred have been inspired by allegiance to a particular God, then what do these people show to atheist and other people who believe that life would be better without God?
Also, if these voilence are inspired by some National parties, how do they expect the Country to remain as one, India is a mixture of language and religon, most of the Northeastern states like Nagaland, Mizoram & Meghalaya are Christian states, so is Goa and Kerala to a certain extent, then we have states like Arunachal pradesh and Sikkim where the Majoirty are Buddhist, the Majority of people in Kashmir are Muslims and the majority of Punjabi are Sikh. If they continue playing one religon against another for the sake of polarizing vote banks and winning elections, they could ultimately suceed in splitting or balkanizing the country without them not even being aware of it.
It's also apparent that many of the conversions are also because of the opression suffered by lower caste people and the neglect that they have had so far. When they have converted to Christianity they have a more level chance of Salvation as well as sucess in life as others, but giving cause for concern for other caste who are used to a life of being served without question but with education and a fight for equal rights, many are not to happy with such developments. If the missionary work of giving good education and healthcare inspires other communities to do the same, then it's only for the good of the society.

Monday, September 22, 2008



according to 
India today Sept 22nd  Special Issue.

2004 - 3

2005 - 4

2006 – 5

2007 – 5

2008- 1

With a point score of 4.78 – if both big and small states were to be listed – Mizoram would rank 1st   among the 30 states of 
India. It is important not too read too much from the ranking as they aren’t very good indices for performance. Mizoram’s Infrastructure is almost nil but has a good social fabric with social groups like YMA operating on the principle of “Tlawmngaihna” which is centered on a mantra of Society before Self, which to a certain extent has reduced the gap between the rich and poor. In Mizoram, Social Volunteer Groups help build houses for the poor, donate food for the poor, bury the dead, help in social policing and security of society and take care of the weaker member of societies which to a certain extent could help explain Mizoram’s emergence as a state with better ranking. But it’s  also more like a ranking of the better among the worst states in developing India as  mentioned by a UN Report states that more than 2/3 of the population in India  are below poverty line.

Mizoram has Increased it’s ranking in Investment Environment, Macro-Economy &  Law and Order, it’s ranking has gone down only in Primary Education. Below are some of the parameters of the Ranking.


The Ranking for Agriculture was 6th in 2004,8th in 2005, 6th in 2006 and 8th  in 2007 and 7th this year.

Mizoram Agriculture Website

Having had a chance to Visit Mizoram recently, what really puzzles me is that Mizoram despite the Mautam Famine and damage of Crops by Rodents in the Southern and Western part of Mizoram has actually increased in it’s ranking. There was hardly any cash crops and most of the people were barely surviving on a meal a day.


 The Ranking for Health in Mizoram for 2004 and 2005 was 1st but 6th in 2006 and 5th in 2007 & 2008

Mizoram Health Department Website

Mizoram’s Health Department is reputed to be one of the most corrupt department in the state with a Controversial Minister heading it. The State Referral Hospital which was supposed to be a 500 bedded Hospital has been reduced to a clinic with an infrastructure worth crores not in use, one of the Building for Civil Hospital in Aizawl had a whole floor missing besides many Medical equipments are missing. 

On the other hand, the state Government has also initiated Medical Insurance upto Rupees one lac for all citizens living within the state, other indicators of Primary health like Sex Ratio is good, infant mortality is low and assisted birth’s are higher than other parts of the country  but Mizoram as a state still does not have it’s own Medical College.


 The ranking for Investmentin 2004 was 1st, 3rd in 2005, 7th in 2006 and 6th in 2007, and 1st in 2008.

It’s hard to understand what Investment Mizoram has had recently other than Government investment but certain Oil companies have come for exploration but no big find has yet been reported. Even for any industry to come up, the Power & Electricity Scenario is very bad despite the state having a lot of scope for Hydel Projects. Many Hydel Projects including Tuirial and Bairabi are still pending for completion because of land acquisition and other problems.

Some of the other areas where Mizoram could have scored on this parameters would be state share of GDP spent on Administration which is still very high but could be lower since govt vehicles were privatized, again no definite figures, Bank Credit and Capital formation could be other indicators where the state has done well.

 Mizoram Investment Promotion Website


 From 2004 -2006 Mizoram has consistently ranked 2nd but in 2007 it has ranked first, but has gone down to 2nd in 2008. Mizoram now tops Literacy level in the whole country with 89%, 83 per cent of children over 10 years of age have completed their education. But sadly enough there’s very bad scope for good quality education in Mizoram at higher level's as it does not even have a single Engineering, Dental or Medical College in the whole state.

Mizoram School Education Website

Mizoram Government Press Release on Mizoram being First in Primary Education



In terms of Infrastructure, Mizoram has consistently ranked 4th from 2004 till 2008, with more construction of Roads, will the ranking improve. Even though the ranking has not changed, the number of household with electricity is quite high, and under the NREGS scheme, roads are being built and actually constructed which is better than other states in India where it's only build on paper, but tele connectivity is bad, Internet connection in most part of the states is still on dial up and Internet and Telephone connectivity is very bad, most of the roads are also in very bad shape specially in cases where contracts have been given to party faithful, as they cover only the road top with tar and it gets spoiled in the coming Monsoon, needing repairs again, which is a virtual cycle all year round with understanding of corrupt officials concerned. 


Again a consistent 5th from 2004 till 2008 – basically a parameter for measuring Per capita ownership of TV, 2 wheeler. No changes in ranking but it’s well known that even BPL families in Mizoram have TV and 2 Wheelers which could mean two things – the poor in Mizoram are not that poor or else we have a high level of corruption.

Percentage of people who own:

House: 50%

Telephone: 14%

Electricity: 70%

TV: 20%

4 wheeler: 3%

2 wheeler: 6%

LPG: 38%

Source: Indiastat.com


2nd Consistently from 2004 to 2006 but has fallen to 4th  but has gone up to 1st in 2008, which could be because of the Prohibition of Alcohol has been brought under control in Mizoram, also decreased crime because of prohibition. Also Mizoram has the highest strength of policement  per lakh/ population in India and most criminal cases are easily solved because of the small population as well as community policing. Kidnapping, Murder and rape occur but not very often.

Home Department Website

Mizoram Police Department Website


 A very consistent ranking of 5th from 2004 till 2007  but has gone up to 4th this year.– basically measuring urbanization and GDP of state. The increase in ranking could be attributed to increase in Urbanization which stands at 51%, 4th in India. The increased rate of Urbanization was due to forced migration of people during Insurgency period of Mizoram National Front, a separatist group. The Indian Govt Forced people to live together for easier Administration. The increased rate of urbanization has helped the state as acess to Infrastructure is easier as well as more jobs available due to specialization of skills.


Mizoram Per Capita Income – Rs 27,733 - Highest in Northeast India ( Rs 22,207 According to Sampark.nic.in)

Mizoram Sex Ratio -892 ( 935 in 2001 as in Census India)

Mizoram Human Development Index - 0.548, 7th in India & highest in Northeast India according to UNDP India.

Mizoram Poverty ratio - 9.5% (Most of the northeastern states have ratio of 20% and higher) Poverty ratio of Assam is used for Mizoram -16.5%, in most cases by the Planning commission.)

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Kanyakumari Visit

St Francis Xavier Church, Vivekananda Rock & Thiruvallur Statue (Under rennovation) in the background.

Nilgiri Hills in the Background

Lighthouse at southern most tip of India

Sunset on Arabian Sea Coast

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Auroville - Pondy

Auroville is composed of a cluster of properties some 12km north of Pondicherry. It can be easily reached via the East Coast Road (ECR) which connects Chennai and Pondicherry.

The Matrimandir (Sanskrit for Temple of The Mother) is an edifice of spiritual significance for practitioners of Integral yoga, situated at the center of Auroville initiated by The Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. It is called soul of the city and is situated in a large open space called Peace. Matrimandir, does not belong to any particular religion or sect.

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Hosur SDA Campus- Jeevan Jyothi

The Southern Asia Division of Seventh Day Adventists is headquartered at Hosur, Tamil Nadu, India.