Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mautam Case Study -Nondo

Occupation: Jhum Cultivator
Village : Phairuang
He is a bachelor staying alone, and his only source of livelihood is from the nearby river and wild plants from the forest. ( All kinds of wildlife – river fish, crab, snail etc)Mizoram is fortunate that it has a rich forest cover and as Mizo’s eat a lot of green vegetables, roots, leaves found in the forest, they are somehow still able to survive, This man that we found on the road carrying some snails and fish mentioned to us that because of Mautam, most of the villages have resorted to hunting and fishing and that there were hardly anymore fishes, crabs and snails in the river to eat. This farmer has given up farming as all his crops have been eaten by rats and is now surviving with his daily catch.

They also expressed that there was a high incidence of swelling in the body after Mautam, some people believe that is because of eating decomposed rats.

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