Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mautam Case Study- Belthei Village

A case of Jhum cultivator

In Belthei village, the we met a young man of 30 years of age, named Indumoy. He supports his wife and two children from his products from jhum cultivation. He said that during 2006 -2007 his jhum fields (approximately 4 bighas) were attacked by the rats and he harvested nothing.
At present, he and his family solely rely on rice from Public Distribution System (PDS) which was not sufficient for them as they have no harvest from their jhum fields to support PDS rice. He buys rice from Tlabung town, 15 kms away from his home. He has started to practice the burn and slash system of the jhum fields for the year but he does not have any seeds to sow.

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