Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sunset Photo series in Mizoram

Phairuangkai to Lunglei

Sunset on the way to Lunglei from Aizawl

Sunset on the way to Tlabung

Sunset with Chawnpui Veng, Aizawl on the Backdrop

The Sun had already set on way to Phairuangkai , lovely lonely Hut on top of the hill, would love to spend the weekend there.

Sunset on a Cloudy day taken from Zarkawt


  1. Beautiful!!..My fav is the third pic -Sunset on the way to Lunglei.

  2. Great pictures! I like the one taken on the way to tlabung!

  3. lovely pics..I hope to visit mizoram before I leave India..and thanks for commenting on my blog..I appreciate it so very much..

    I will bookmark your blog if you don't mind..

  4. A pahnihna khi khawi lai nge aw?

  5. @ Jerusha, Pahnihna hi Phairuangkai to Lunglei a ka lak a nih hi, Mautam assessment nei tur in ka kal a, hman hun ah report ka la rawn post dawn nia :-)

  6. Ka pa khan a boral hma in Shillonga atrangin "Mizoram nitla hi a mawi bik a, Patea (ka fapa) hi en turin ka zin pui ang" a ti thrin.