Sunday, May 18, 2008

Phairuangkai Bridge- & Kids Catching Fish

We Can Make Bridge Everywhere, even sky is not the Limit

It was very risky going through this bridge, and the Scorpio we were riding on developed a puncture as one of the nails on the bridge punctured the tire.

The rest of the post deals with a bunch of young kids having a whale of a time on the river catching fish. Sad to say, there were very less fishes on the river and kids didn't go to school.


  1. Woww..did you go throught that bridge?? thats scarry, don't do that again. what are the kids doing with the white sheets?

  2. a va nom hmel duai2 ve man tlem ve lulai ma nge..hehehe..mahse an hlim pui ve khop ang

  3. @ Puii- yes, went through that bridge and got a flat tyre too coz one of the nails went through the tyre of our Jeep. The kids are catching fish with the net ( Mosquito net i guess)

  4. That must have been scarry. Thats cool. i've never been fishing. I should