Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Aizawl at a Glance

Aizawl Durtlang Leitan

Aizawl in 1976

Aizawl Laipuitlang taken from Dawrpui Veng

Taken from Chaltang Road, a view of Chandmari West

Chandmari West - the Other Angle

Dawrpui Veng

7th Day Tlang

Dinthar Veng

Dawrpui Venthar, Khatla and Dinthar Veng

Vaivakawn Field

Khatla Veng


  1. Wow! Lovely pics as usual. Thank you so much for those beauties. Hmuh ngailoh a tam khawp mai.

  2. Thanks, was actually in Mizoram for a week for an Assessment- Mautam, I will be posting more pictures of rural areas in Mizoram.