Monday, November 12, 2007

Yesteryear pictures of Mizoram -Travelling on Foot

Brave Warriors (Mizo Pasaltha) of Mizoram

Travelling in Mizoram even then was not easy - want proof, see below

Climbing Hills - barefoot

Breaking for food on the way

Crossing small streams on foot

Going down the slope

crossing bridges when the river is too deep

The swaying bridges over Mat River were not assuring either.



  1. tluanga ti tha hle mai. a hmuh nawm khawp mai. old is gold, tih anih kha!

    khi lai swaying bridge i tih ang khi, kei pawh naupang te kum-5 vel ka nih ani ta in ka hria , 'tui kum' lei ah kan zawh ve tawh tak asin, a hlauhawm ang reng khawp mai.ka la hre deuh riai ruai ani.

  2. A tha khop mai. Hetiang ti tur chuan taihmak a ngai. A siamtu hi a fakawm e. A hmuhnawm, a hlu, a chhuanawm e.

  3. Alex, these r amazing pictures man...mayas