Monday, October 15, 2007

Spicer College Cultural Day 2007

Spicer Cultural Emphasis day is a day when all the students from all over India and the world over showcase their cultural dance as well as their food. It's a wonderful time to experience different culture and learn more about different people.

Mizo Cheraw Dance

Garo Dance

African Skit

Graceful Malaysian Dance

Boisterous Punjabi Bhangra

Kerala Festival Dance

Manipur/ Nagaland Dance

Bihari/ Jharkand Dance

Burmese Dance

Telegu Dance

Tamil Festival Dance

Photos courtesty of Jervis Lalramnghaka


  1. eih...Mizo cheraw lam te...wonderful pics.

  2. Interesting pics! where's the mizo dance?

  3. Hi Tluanga,

    Thanx for adding the pictures.

    Great work done.

    Sudhir Masih & Northwest Hindi Seminar

  4. hi

    great pictures, i wanted to know more about the chera dance and its valuses and its unifestures form the rest of the dances...