Friday, July 6, 2007

Assam bomb blast - personal account

Five persons were injured, three of them seriously, when a bomb went off near the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited office at Bora Service locality in the heart of Guwahati at about 8.15 pm on Wednesday.
More News about this in Rediff , telegraph & the Hindu

Personal account of a bomb last Experience by Neel in Assam

I was watching TV the release of Alan Johnston(BBC-journalist) ….hamas doing good work!! The middle is very close to my heart….thanks a lot to Tom Friedman and his books. Mom had gone to the neighbor hood shop ….when I heard a large boom.
I thought it was a car blast as I ran out saw this car burning which was outside for repairs in front of a workshop. But I soon realized it was a bomb which went off from a Rickshaw (three wheel taxi for those of you who have not been to India) . I saw my mom and others all ok.,. relief. But then I saw this neighbor lady who had been walking on the road with blood all over running towards me and shouting for help.
I took her to the lawn of our next door neighbor whose gate was open and this lady is friends with them. Utter chaos….people all over . I saw my brother and few others. Got ice, iodine…etc. We don’t have EMS in India and hospitals have to be contacted directly. I called my sis and bro inlaw who are docs and sis was on duty at the medical college.
I tried the 100 number and no lines…I tried my cousin who is a senior top cop an IPS(for those of you from abroad it’s a big stuff) and loltz!! It worked …it always works in India knowing people.
Cops came ,,we went to the Emergency ward….she is ok now out of danger put in a lot of pain. Thanks to my psychology training, most people had “By stander affect” for those in psychology.
Another neighbor lady hurt but not too badly and the rick driver who is under suspicion ok(leg amputed) by national TV people as its not worth covering head count must be 2- dead at least as expressed by one of the TV hawks.
The local TV gives distorted news …..the lady was a passenger and probably she was carrying the bomb HAHAHA!! Ripley believe it or not.
We are not middle east, Kashmir , or Africa …
Low scale war who cares….
I have had Ak’s pointed at cold butt on the stomach….forget rationalizing think of Darwin flight or fight ….fight no way ….. by both security forces and ultras ….have heard gunfire etc
But had a blast experience for the first time.
What a shame in the name of freedom we don’t need this it is age of globalization and I have been called to give a key note address on Human resource and development in two days. Who would want to invest here….
Thankfully women are empowered here, art,culture is allowed to be practiced freely and freedom of expression unlike few middle east nations, sub-Saharan countries and Burma .
Send your wishes to Mrs Gogoi, Mrs Deb and the Rick driver.

Most of you have been to NE and to my home ….please keep coming and let us be hospitable as ever as some of you plan to come in DEC. These are freak incidences by some unaware folks who causes pain in NYC, Glasglow, London, Darfur , Nairobi or India. Issues can’t be solved this way.

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