Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nagaland Visit


Kohima is located on the top of a high ridge and the town serpentines all along the top of the surrounding mountain ranges as is typical of most Naga settlements

- 2nd British Division Memorial cemetery with the famous inscription
When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say,
For Their Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today

This verse is attributed to John Maxwell Edmonds (1875 -1958), and is thought to have been inspired by the epitaph written by Simonides to honour the Greek who fell at the Battle of Thermopylae (300 the movie) in 480 BC.

there's 1 mizo soldier's grave too.
Naga's are basically distributed into 2 areas - the one's residing in Nagaland and Manipur, the tribes in Nagaland - Ao, Lotha, Chakesang, Angami are relatively better off with better facilities BUT

the Naga's in Manipur- Tangkhul are relatively neglected as they live in a state dominated by the Majority - Meitei's. Infrastructure - roads, electricity is bad in Manipur probably because of the heavy extortion by underground elements on whatever development projects that are there in the state.


Nagaland has very good soil and they've got lots of very beautiful terraces, the Angami and Chakesang tribes in the Kohima district use terracing and irrigation techniques around the Village, most of the villages have a gate leading to the village.

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